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Potato Starch Equipment (Simple Production Line)

Potato Starch Equipment (Simple Production Line)

Potato Starch Equipment

Goodway Simple Potato Starch Production Line (Small Simple Processing)

Goodway can provide a series of high, medium and low configuration potato starch production lines, and in more cases can be customized according to the actual situation and special requirements of users, providing users with a variety of configuration of large, medium and small potato starch production lines, which is our main strength to meet users'more complex technological needs.

Goodway Simple Potato Starch Production Line (Small Simple Processing)

Characteristics of Goodway Simple Potato Starch Production Line

Applicable target: small-scale customers such as external processing, family workshop production, and small cooperatives

The scale of investment: The total investment is about 0.3-100,000 yuan, which is suitable for investment creativity and small-scale factory production.

Product Type: The finished starch is wet powder, which needs natural drying or drying in the drying room. It is mostly used for processing vermicelli noodles.

(1)The equipment is simple and economical.

(2) The main products are wet starch.

(3) The quality of the finished products is slightly lower.

(4) A small amount of processing and less investment

(5)Relatively more manual input

(6)Most processes (precipitation/desalination/dehydration/drying) are accomplished by traditional methods.

Multi-stage cleaning and stone removal: comprehensive use of various cleaning methods to improve the cleanliness of potatoes

Crushing and filtration: energy saving 60%, water-saving 50%, free starch filtration rate as high as 98%.

Desander: Remove fine sand particles from the starch slurry to further improve starch clarity.

Sedimentation tank: low investment, high flour yield, but long working hours, high labor intensity, poor sanitary conditions.

Lifting filter dewatering: cloth bag lifting filter, small investment, suitable for small-scale processing. Mass production can be replaced by dehydrator.

Drying: Artificial drying, low cost, but labor intensity, affected by the weather, poor sanitary conditions. Can be replaced by a small air dryer.

Processing capacity of Goodway simple potato starch production line:

2-3 T / h; 3-4 T / h; 5-6 T / h; 8-10 T / h; 12 T / h; 15 t / h; 20 t / h; 30 t / h

Goodway simple potato starch production line

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