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Two Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Starch Processing

Two Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Starch Processing

The processing history of cassava starch is relatively long, the processing raw materials are also easy to obtain, and the technology of cassava starch processing equipment is relatively mature. However, when processing tapioca starch, special attention should be paid to these two issues.

1. Raw material cleaning during tapioca starch processing

Potatoes are in the ground and will naturally bring some soil after harvesting. If it is used to process potato starch, cleaning is very necessary. Moreover, the silt in the bud eyes and cracks of the potato is difficult to wash off. At this stage, the multi-stage cleaning equipment in the tapioca starch processing equipment can be used to comprehensively use various cleaning methods.

Only when the raw materials are washed can the impurities of potato starch be reduced, otherwise, the quality of starch is difficult to guarantee. When the dry starch is produced, the quality is not good and it cannot be sold. The cost of reprocessing with tapioca starch processing equipment may be high.

2. Crushing and extraction of tapioca starch processing

Potato crushing is an important step in the processing of cassava starch. At this stage, care should be taken not to over crush it. Over crushing will only waste resources and reduce efficiency. Proper crushing is enough. When it comes to separation and extraction, tapioca starch processing equipment should be used in time to avoid long-term contact with air, causing starch browning and affecting the appearance of starch.

This stage involves several important steps in the processing of cassava starch, but the current cassava starch processing equipment has been able to integrate crushing, separation and extraction, which can not only improve the processing efficiency, but also effectively avoid the browning of potato starch.

If you can choose the right tapioca starch processing equipment, you don't have to worry too much about the two points mentioned today!

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