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Improvement Suggestions and Social Benefit Analysis of The Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry

Improvement Suggestions and Social Benefit Analysis of The Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry

1. Suggestion for improvement of sweet potato starch processing industry

1) Promote the scale intensive processing of sweet potato starch processing industry and change the scattered, outdated and single processing mode

2) Improve the technology of cassava starch production process, give up the traditional processing method with low efficiency, high energy consumption and outdated technology, change the processing concept, promote new sweet potato starch and vermicelli processing machines, and improve production capacity and innovation ability.

3) Formulate a unified quality standard for sweet potato starch, strictly prohibit the arbitrary and excessive use of food additives, and ensure the professionalism and safety of sweet potato starch food processing.

4) Strengthen the cultivation and promotion of starch sweet potato varieties, improve and guarantee the yield of high-quality starch processing raw materials.

5) Sweet potato starch processing should pay attention to the reuse of resources, sewage treatment and cleaning equipment should be upgraded, which help with the long-term development of the industry.

2. Analysis of social benefit brought by sweet potato starch processing industry

1) The rapid development of sweet potato starch processing industry can encourage farmers to work, thus increasing their income and creating wealth. It can also ensure that the vermicelli processing enterprises have sufficient high-quality raw material base and promote the development of local rural economy and reach common prosperity.

2) It can accelerate the transformation and upgradation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.

3) It can improve the technical level of agriculture and planting. Using various channels of promotion, publicity and knowledge training, the development of agricultural industrialization will be promoted to a new stage, and the planting technology and yield will be improved. At the same time, the high-yield technology of potato planting will be given to thousands of households, and the farmers will be guided to apply new varieties and new technologies to solve the problems of low productivity, quality and yield of crops from the source, and improve the outdated traditional and inefficient production level as soon as possible.

4) The development of sweet potato starch processing industry can promote the development of a series of industries such as transportation, packaging, labor service and so on. So as to form a large-scale, intensive and industrialized food processing Industrial Park, which is more conducive to industrial promotion and development. In addition, it can solve the problem of excessive idle labor force in rural areas, promote the reemployment of school-age workers and left behind family members, promote economic development, embark on the road of common prosperity, self-reliance and extricate themselves from poverty.

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