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What are the specific requirements for tapioca starch processing? What are the cassava processing equipment?

What are the specific requirements for tapioca starch processing? What are the cassava processing equipment?

There are many ways to process tapioca starch, but now more of them are automatic mechanized processing or semi-manual + mechanical methods. The difference lies in the processing time and the simplification of processing steps. Edible cassava starch is divided into grades. For this reason, the configuration and price of cassava starch processing equipment are also graded.

The more automated cassava starch processing equipment produces cassava starch with high precision and purity, which can reach industrial level, and is more used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Such wood starch processing equipment is also more expensive, and the basic complete sets of equipment are high-configuration. The price is around 500,000-1 million.

Starch processing users in small starch factories and farmer workshops on the market that mainly process coarse starch can choose to configure medium-sized practical and economical tapioca starch processing equipment. The investment is not too large, and it is expected to be between 100,000 and 200,000. The precision of this starch is not particularly high, but it can achieve the quality requirements of no adulteration, no taste, white color, and fine and uniform quality. It is also sufficient for ordinary processing households' edible starch.

The process of tapioca starch processing is: cleaning-crushing-filtering purification-degreasing and desilting-concentration and refining-vacuum dehydration-drying.

The above is the process flow of a complete set of tapioca starch processing equipment. If it is a simple processing, there is no need for so many processing processes. Corresponding starch equipment can be used less. Basically, only washing-crushing-sedimentation is used, and the follow-up is Manual drying.
Of course, because everyone’s actual processing conditions are different, and the requirements for starch quality and the degree of automation of starch processing equipment are different, there are many options for the configuration and quantity of starch processing equipment. They can be equipped with only crushing and filtering equipment, or you can Just don't need a starch dryer, these are all okay. It is based on your purchase requirements plus reasonable suggestions to support starch processing equipment. The specific Goodway can be customized and flexibly matched.
The complete set of tapioca starch processing equipment includes the following types:

1. Cassava cleaning machine: different cleaning methods can be divided into dry cleaning machine, rubbing washing machine, conveyor cleaning machine
2. Cassava crushing equipment: curved net extrusion type flour mill and overflow washing type flour mill
3. Starch filtration equipment: fine filter, micro filter, centrifuge
4. Starch purification and impurity removal equipment: desander, desilter
5. Starch separation equipment: cyclone station
6. Starch dehydrator: vacuum dehydrator
7. Starch dryer: air-flow dryer

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