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Sweet Potato Starch Processing Has Achieved Integration

Sweet Potato Starch Processing Has Achieved Integration

Now the sweet potato starch processing is not like the past, there is no professional equipment, lack of professional production technology, purely by human resources. After decades of research and improvement, a kind of automatic sweet potato starch processing equipment with high efficiency, convenience and integration of production and processing has been developed. This kind of equipment does not need sedimentation tank and drying yard, and a standardized workshop is enough.


The whole process of automatic sweet potato starch processing: from raw material cleaning, crushing, filtration, refining, dehydration and drying, it is a mechanized production line for automatic processing, and there is no waiting, handling, drying and other human links. After the whole production line is running, it only takes 30 minutes from the raw material entering the machine to the dry starch leaving the machine, which is clean, fast, efficient and high quality. Starch processing needs to use a lot of water, but now the resources are in short supply and the price is going up. The lowest energy consumption standard is adopted in every production link. The automatic sweet potato starch processing adopts sorting crushing, strong water circulation power, which reduces water consumption and energy consumption by more than 30%, greatly reducing production costs.

In order to save equipment cost, some enterprises or individuals choose semi-automatic starch processing equipment, namely sedimentation tank process. In the second half of this processing method, the starch is left standing for more than 48 hours in a self built sedimentation tank, and then the starch is put into the outdoor field for natural drying and drying, which usually takes several days. In case of rain and other weather, the drying time will be prolonged, and it is easy to deteriorate and not easy to preserve.

Although there are still some individual processing enterprises and small-scale processing enterprises will choose the sedimentation tank process to process starch, but with the continuous strict upgrading of environmental protection policies, environmental impact assessment requirements and food processing requirements, as well as the increasing labor cost and production cost, it is the general trend to invest in automatic sweet potato starch processing equipment integrating production and processing.

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