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Maintenance Method for Daily Operation of Cassava Flour Processing Machine

Maintenance Method for Daily Operation of Cassava Flour Processing Machine

The cassava flour processing machine is a kind of starch machinery specially used for processing cassava. It is a device that can quickly break and complete the production of cassava starch with a higher starch extraction rate, which effectively improves the added value of the cassava crop. Aiming at the characteristic that the unique ingredients in cassava are easy to decompose and disappear during the processing process, a set of special equipment suitable for the processing of cassava starch has been specially developed to ensure the economic benefits of cassava flour processors to the greatest extent.

Ⅰ. Why should cassava flour processing machine be maintained?

Cassava contains many and long fibers, and the residue discharged after crushing should be cleaned away in time. It should not be piled up around or near the equipment. If it is accidentally twisted into the equipment, it will easily cause failure. Therefore, in daily use, cassava flour equipment needs regular full machine inspection to eliminate potential hazards in time and achieve safe and standardized production.

Ⅱ. What are the daily maintenance work of cassava flour processing machine?

1. Before starting the processing, check whether there are mechanical parts, plastic bags, woven bags and other residual items that are left inside the machine. After careful inspection, start the start-up operation. The processing flow of a complete set of cassava flour processing machine is fixed and cannot be changed at will. First cleaning,crushing,filtering,degreasing and desilting,cyclonic refining,dehydration and drying. Operate according to the processing sequence, the process is smoother and the processing efficiency is higher.

2. After processing and use, perform a unified cleaning and inspection again. The cleaning after processing is for the next smooth use. After the equipment has been turned around, there will be more or less residues such as starch slurry and potato residue on the inside and parts of the machine. In order to ensure the safety of food production, it must be rinsed in time to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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