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How Long Does It Take for the Lotus Root Machine to Make Lotus Root Flour?

How Long Does It Take for the Lotus Root Machine to Make Lotus Root Flour?

Finally know why lotus root powder is so rare, it is hand-washed, hand-pulled, and cut with a small knife, the production is definitely not large, no wonder the price is high.

Why is the powder yield of lotus root so low?

There are many holes in lotus root, which is easy to hide dirt and grime, and this special loose structure can cause poor particle mobility, strong adsorption, and difficult pulverization, making it difficult to extract.

How to Improve the Powder Yield of Lotus Root?

First of All, Choose the Right Variety

Most people don't know that lotus root can be classified into 7 and 9 holes. Seven-hole lotus root-high starch content, soft and slightly sweet, suitable for stewing, also a common variety for lotus root powder processing. Nine-hole lotus root is crisp and sweet, with high sugar content, suitable for cold mixing and stir-frying.

Another Thing Is to Use Automated Lotus Root Starch Processing Machine

The assembly line-like lotus root powder processing equipment has smooth operation at every step, including material conveying, multiple cleaning stages, automated circulation of pulverization, fine filtration and purification, centrifugal refinement, dehydration and drying, and packaging. Processing 5 tons of lotus root takes only a few tens of minutes, and the output is dry starch, which is much more convenient to use.


So, if you don't care about processing efficiency, even if you choose locally grown lotus root with high starch content, the powder yield will still be relatively low.


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