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Equipment Needed for Lotus Flour Processing

Equipment Needed for Lotus Flour Processing

Making high-quality lotus root powder is not simple. It requires professional cleaning, grinding, purification, impurity removal, dehydration, drying, and quantitative packaging. Especially in these three areas, they directly determine the taste and quality of the lotus root powder.


Cleaning process: cage washing machine

In addition to surface sludge, there is also dense silt inside the holes. Improper cleaning can cause it to mix into the lotus root powder slurry, making it difficult to remove.


It is recommended to use a cage washing machine and a brush washing machine. Control water and spraying technology effectively removes surface sediments. The paddle blade irregular multi-angle cleaning clears corner sediments.


Grinding process: Overflow elutriation crusher

Lotus root has a loose structure, poor free starch, and strong adsorption. It is recommended to choose a small, fixed family overflow elutriation crusher for nail grinding and crushing to ensure fine grinding and improve free starch rate.

Filtration process: desander and desilter

Desander and desilter specifically target the remaining sludge, fine impurities during cleaning and grinding, to effectively separate and remove residual slurry, sand, and gravel, further optimizing the quality of lotus root powder.


For these three stages of lotus root powder equipment, do not skimp or opt for cheaper options. Ensure starch quality with the most effective means, which is more cost-effective than trying to make up for it later.

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