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The Significance and Prospect of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry

The Significance and Prospect of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry

Sweet potato is an important root crop for grain, feed, industrial raw materials and new energy. As one of the main crops planted in the world, it is widely used in food industry, light chemical industry and feed industry. In terms of world distribution, China has the largest sweet potato planting area among Asian countries, accounting for about 70% of the world's sweet potato cultivation area, followed by Japan, India, Indonesia, Cuba, the Philippines, the United States, etc.


Sweet potato has the characteristics of high and stable yield, strong adaptability and resistance. The production potential of single plant is also great. It is a high-yield crop in hills, poor soil and extensive planting technology areas. It is also a good intercropping, interplanting and rotation crop. It can be intercropped and interplanted with other food crops, vegetables, fruit trees or young forests. It achieves the effect of increasing of production and income and economic benefits.


Sweet potato is widely used and highly effective. Its tuber root, stem and leaf contain a lot of nutrients. It has high value in food, feeding and medicine. It is also an important industrial raw material. More than 2000 kinds of products can be made from sweet potato. In China, the resources of sweet potato are abundant, and the prospect of comprehensive utilization of sweet potato is very wide.


With the improvement of people's living standard, the concept of diet has also changed from the need of food and clothing to the type of nutrition and health care. People are beginning to pay attention to the nutritional value, health care function, medical value of sweet potato, development and utilization of sweet potato starch processing and vermicelli processing. And with the development of sweet potato processing industry, it brings new business opportunities to sweet potato industry. Sweet potato industry has broad prospects for development such as food prospects. Sweet potato has been divided into high starch type, baking type, cooking type, preserved fruit type, fruit type, stem tip edible type, feeding type and pigment type.


High quality and pure sweet potato starch is used as raw material to produce high quality sweet potato vermicelli and instant vermicelli food. Modified starch can be widely used in food, paper, textile, oil and other industries. The development of nutritional starch products can not only meet the needs of different groups of people, but also improve the economic value of products. With the development and utilization of new energy and the utilization of sweet potato with high yield and high starch, the production of clean energy and alcohol has become a new industry in the world.

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