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Comprehensive Utilization of Potatoes

Comprehensive Utilization of Potatoes

Potatoes, also known as potatoes, yam eggs, and artichokes, are among the main economic crops in China. They are grown everywhere and there are many varieties. Depending on its use, there are three main types: industrial (potato starch content 18-22%), edible (starch content 12-15%), and feed (starch content 15-17%). Strengthening the development and utilization of potatoes will help to improve their economic and food value.

[1] Potatoes are mainly used in the following industries according to their industrial uses and finished products:
1. Starch extraction: The content of potato starch used for starch extraction is relatively high, and the general starch content is between 18-22%;
The GOODWAY potato starch processing machine can be used for potato starch extraction.
2. Making sugar: potato starch or powder residue can make sugar. The former first made starch into starch milk and then liquefied it. The starch is further hydrolyzed and saccharified by adding an amylase, and the slurry is filtered. In the latter, the powder residue should be ground and sieved, and the amount of gluten and water should be added to re-steam, saccharify and tanning. In addition, potatoes and their by-products can be used to make wine or to make alcohol, MSG, and the like.
3. Production of calcium citrate: 1 ton of calcium citrate can be produced per 4.5 tons of potato powder residue, and calcium citrate is an intermediate product of citric acid, which can be further processed into citric acid. Citric acid is an important raw material for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, textile, and other industries. Deep processing can greatly increase its economic value.

[2] The consumption of potatoes is mainly used as rations and vegetables, followed by processed convenience foods. Potatoes can be processed into potato chips, potato strips, mashed potatoes, and fried and packaged foods and puffed foods. The fried potatoes are delicious and nutritious, and are very popular among people. The processing is as follows: Choose fresh, high-quality potatoes to wash. It is then cut into thin slices by a rotary slicer by mechanical peeling. It is then fried in a 190° C oil pan, seasoned with salt or sugar, and packaged for sale.

[3] Feed. Potato tubers and potato dregs can be fed to livestock and poultry. According to the test, 100 kg of potatoes are used to feed pigs, which can increase meat by 2.5 kg compared with ordinary feed. Feeding cows can produce 40 kg of milk or 3.5 kg of cream. On average, each chicken is fed with chopped cooked potatoes and mixed feeds, and the annual output of eggs can be increased by 30-50.

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