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Six Advantages of Cassava Starch Series Processing Line

Six Advantages of Cassava Starch Series Processing Line

1. Mature technology, high degree of automation, easy operation and high cost performance

2. Unique and optimized design, high starch extraction rate, good taste and high quality of fine process starch

3. The effect of crushing, filtering, washing and concentration is good, and the starch impurity is less.

4. The manufacturing level of core technology equipment is high as German processing equipment technology is used. Starch processing is reliable and stable, reducing the operating cost of users.

5. According to the customer's requirements, we can customize the full-automatic, semi-automatic and other models, which is convenient and flexible for installation.

6. Low energy consumption, low water consumption and low production cost.


Cassava starch processing requires professional mechanical equipment and technology, which can extract high-quality and pure cassava starch to a greater extent. At present, in the field of cassava starch processing equipment in China, few manufacturers produce and export professional cassava starch processing equipment. With the Belt and Road initiative, we will seize market opportunities. According to different processing quantity, aiming at the demand of cassava processing in Africa, Nanyang Goodway Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. manufactures various types of cassava starch processing equipment, which can meet the rich processing needs and promote the automation of cassava processing in Africa with practical actions.

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