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What Faults Are Easy to Occur in the Drying Process of Sweet Potato Starch Processing? How to Solve?

What Faults Are Easy to Occur in the Drying Process of Sweet Potato Starch Processing? How to Solve?

In the automatic sweet potato starch processing process, starch air drying equipment is an indispensable key equipment. Airflow drying is also called instant drying, which can quickly remove the moisture in starch in an ultra-short time, saving time, high efficiency, and superior performance. The entire drying system adopts an automated control system, pre-set the drying program through intelligent control, measure the feed moisture and temperature difference, automatically adjust the feed volume and air intake, and dry the starch to a specified level, thereby ensuring the stability of the starch moisture degree.


In the automated starch processing production line, the drying equipment is relatively expensive and bulky. The parts at all levels plus the drying pipeline are more than 20 meters high. As a practical sweet potato starch equipment, it is inevitable that there will be abnormalities or malfunctions in actual processing and use. Under normal circumstances, only need to adjust some details to solve it.

1. Poor drying effect, high moisture content of dried starch

Sometimes the dried starch will have a high moisture content, usually because the material stays in the drying pipeline for a short time, the feed amount is too large, or the previous processing link, the starch is not properly treated during dehydration, which causes the starch to be too wet and watery. The rate is too high, which is not conducive to starch drying. In this case, the length or angle of the drying pipe can be adjusted to help control the feed amount and material residence time. The dried starch has a lower moisture content, which is soft and delicate.


2. The equipment interface is not tight, the rotary joint is leaking, and the drying power is weakened

After a long time of processing, when entering the starch drying process, if the interface between the equipment is not tight and the rotary joint leaks, the power of the fan will be weakened and the rotation speed will slow down. Insufficient power will lead to poor starch drying efficiency. At this time, check whether there is any looseness at the interfaces of different equipment links, and tighten or weld them in time. If it is leaking, the gasket may be damaged, so replace it in time.

Therefore, during the use of sweet potato starch processing equipment, attention should be paid to operating safety, timely inspection, and timely replacement of worn-out parts to avoid further losses caused by increased wear.

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