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Goodway Assists in Modernizing Africa

Goodway Assists in Modernizing Africa's Cassava Processing Industry


The 6th Kenya International Industrial Exhibition and Henan Export Commodities Exhibition, held from September 21st to 23rd, concluded at the Sari Expo Centre in Nairobi. Goodaway Machinery, spanning mountains and seas, embraced the African continent and actively participated in this grand event.

Initiating Direct Communication

The Kenya International Industrial Exhibition is an important avenue and platform for Chinese companies to expand into the Kenyan and East African markets and engage in two-way trade and investment.

During this exhibition, Goodway Machinery showcased cassava processing solutions and detailed processes through promotional posters, single-machine pamphlets, and 3D animated videos, enabling customers to have a comprehensive understanding of the application areas and production prospects of cassava processing. This exhibition is of positive significance to promoting communication and deepening economic and trade exchanges in cassava processing between China and Africa.

DAY.01 Exhibition Enthusiastic Communication

Manager Zhang from the Foreign Trade Department provided detailed introduction of cassava processing equipment and technology, and had fruitful exchanges with customers.


DAY.02 World Friends Negotiations

Customers continuously came to inquire, visit, and talk.


DAY.03 Exhibition Closing Day

Enjoyed sour and spicy noodles with exhibition customers.


Playing the Communication Song

As a professional equipment manufacturer providing one-stop solution for potato deep processing projects for 32 years, Goodway Machinery has been laying out a series of complete cassava processing equipment for the African market since 2002, including cassava flour, cassava starch, garri, fufu, attieke, and other common cassava foods in Africa, making it across mountains and seas to participate in this grand event.

During the exhibition, Goodway Machinery attracted high attention from potential customers in the field of cassava processing from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other countries. It showcased various intelligent, automated, high-efficiency, and highly stable cassava processing equipment, bringing more possibilities for future deep cooperation. Both parties had fruitful exchanges during the exhibition.


This participation in the exhibition is aimed at expanding into overseas markets, with the goal of promoting strengthened collaboration and communication in the cassava processing sector with African countries. We aim to leverage our technological and product advantages to further drive cassava cultivation and production, introducing advanced cassava processing technology and machinery to enhance yields. With our company's technical expertise, we aspire to propel the transformation and upgrade of cassava in Africa from traditional cultivation to modern mechanized deep processing.

Looking Forward to a New Milestone in Collaboration

For many Africans, cassava is often viewed as a food item that is peeled, sun-dried, and ground into powder for curry. There is limited knowledge on how to maximize the value of cassava and fulfill the export demand for processed cassava products.


Goodway is committed to being a pioneer in cassava processing and trade between China and Africa, offering professional, practical, and durable cassava products such as cassava flour, cassava starch, garri, fufu, and a range of advanced cassava processing equipment. We aim to immerse ourselves in local communities, sharing our technical expertise and promoting the widespread adoption of cassava cultivation and processing machinery.

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