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Nanyang Goodway Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
First Rate Service

First Rate Service

  • Measures To Ensure Product Quality
    Measures To Ensure Product Quality
    Strict design standards and repeated experiment before putting into production.

    Strict inspection of all main parts and associated parts before going into our factory.

    Common accessories from premium brand suppliers.

    High-quality technical works in the front line of production.

    Strengthen the quality inspection and whole course tracing inspection from material procurement to end-product assembly.
  • Excellent After-Sales Services
    Excellent After-Sales Services
    .Three months exchange guaranteed after goods arrival.

    ·One year warranty to provide the accessories for maintenance.

    ·Reform the old equipment and technologies to reduce the capital input.

    .Provide the technical training and expert advice to the customers.

    ·Assist the customers as technical adviser to provide the comprehensive services.

    ·Purchase related support equipment according to the customers' requirements.
  • Service Tenets
    Service Tenets
    .Create a good purchase environment of customers ease to use.

    .Preserve the customers' expected value in use of Goodway cassava processing machinery and provide customers the quality service more than expected.

    ·Best service to satisfy the customers' need.

    .Improve the customers' confidence in Goodway cassava Industry brand.
  • Excellent Pre-Sales Services
    Excellent Pre-Sales Services
    ·Guide the customers to choose and purchase the most appropriate equipment

    ·Provide the design drawing and reform scheme of the factory building.

    ·Actual processing production line for customers' site visit.

    ·Assist the customers with the feasibility analysis of the project