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Sweet Potato Starch Processing Investment and Benefit Analysis

Sweet Potato Starch Processing Investment and Benefit Analysis

Sweet potato starch processing investment and benefit analysis are very necessary, so we analyze the full-automatic sweet potato starch production line. Because small workshop-type processing varies greatly, and some indicators are difficult to quantify.

Full-automatic Sweet Potato Starch Production Line

Take the automatic sweet potato starch production line to process 1 ton of dry starch as an example. The cost structure is roughly as follows:

1. Raw materials (sweet potatoes): 5 tons of sweet potatoes with a market price of 0.7-0.8 / kg. Cost: 5000 kg × 0.7 yuan / kg = 3500 yuan
2. Water: The cost is 3 yuan per ton. 5 ton of sweet potatoes need 10-15 tons of water to be processed. Water fee: 10t × 3 yuan / t = 30 yuan.
3. Power consumption: 150-200 kw / h power consumption, 0.5-1 yuan / degree, electricity cost: 150 kw / h × 0.5 yuan / degree = 75 yuan, pay attention to the different prices of agricultural and industrial electricity.
4. Labor: 6 people / class × 100 yuan / person ÷ 8h = 75 yuan
5. Direct production cost = raw materials + water cost + electricity cost + labor + fuel = 3680 yuan
6, other costs: Sweet potato starch processing also requires fuel, depending on your choice. Take coal as an example. To dry 1 ton of starch, 100 kg of coal is needed. One ton of coal is calculated at 1,000 yuan, and the cost is 100 yuan. It is better to choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, depreciation and taxes are calculated based on the actual situation of each user's location.

After analyzing the cost, it is time to talk about the profit. However, the price of starch varies from place to place, as do retail and wholesale prices. So the profit should be based on the actual sales, minus the cost is the net profit.

This sweet potato starch processing investment and benefit analysis is only a rough analysis of us. Because sweet potato prices, water and electricity costs, labor costs, and starch prices also vary across the country, the economic benefits of starch production will naturally vary. The analysis in this article is for reference only, and everyone needs to analyze specific issues, because the data of many indicators have changed. However, the amount of sweet potato raw materials, water, electricity and other things are relatively stable, to a certain extent, it can give you some reference.

Friends who have just started investing in sweet potato starch processing need to build factories, purchase sweet potato starch processing equipment, and go through related procedures. The preliminary preparation may require a lot of investment. Not only to invest money, but also to invest a lot of effort. However, if you can find a reliable manufacturer of sweet potato starch processing equipment, you may be able to get good suggestions. Whether it is building a factory, workshop management, or even starch sales, you may be able to help everyone.

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