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Good Method + Professional Equipment = High Starch Extraction Rate

Good Method + Professional Equipment = High Starch Extraction Rate Good Method + Professional Equipment = High Starch Extraction Rate

Every starch processing manufacturer is most concerned about the problem of starch extraction rate, which is related to cost, benefit and profit. Then, how to maximize the starch filtration rate and extraction rate has become the primary solution. Effectively increase the rate of starch extraction? And listen to Goodway industry for you.

The processing technology of cassava starch can be simply summarized as cleaning-crushing-sieving-refining-dehydration-drying. The most important influence on the starch extraction rate in these links is the crushing, sieving and refining sections, drying. As long as the water content of the starch is controlled in the section, it has almost no effect on the yield of starch.

The purpose of pulverization in potato starch production is to break the cell wall of potato tubers as much as possible so that the starch granules are exposed to the utmost extent. Because the fiber content of cassava (especially potato, sweet potato) is large, it cannot be broken too fine, otherwise, It will affect the separation and refining effect of starch. The effect of crushing is generally expressed by the starch liberation rate. According to expert experiments, it is found that the equipment with good crushing performance has high starch detachment rate when the processed cassava varieties are the same and the processing water volume is the same. The quality of the crush is directly related to the free effect of starch, and the high starch free rate is a prerequisite for high starch extraction rate.

In order to solve this problem, Goodway cassava machinery integrates the foundation of domestic and foreign cassava processing equipment and technology, combines with traditional craftsmanship, and takes fine and inferior. From the practice of more than ten years, it specially designed and manufactured the curved net extrusion. Type cassava starch machine. It is especially suitable for processing high-fiber, high-yield cassava starch.

Good method + professional equipment = high starch extraction rate

The extrusion type cassava starch machine integrates the crushing of fresh cassava roots, separation of pulp and fine filtration. Its unique features are reflected in:

1. The pulverizing system uses two-three-flour-five pulverizing filtration technology. The unique process of multi-stage pulverization, multi-stage scouring, multi-stage filtration, multi-stage extrusion, and sequential circulation has high starch extraction rate. Significantly increase material separation rate and reduce overall energy consumption.

2. Two-stage crushing is more scientific. The first stage uses honing pulverization and the second stage uses hammer pulverization. The combination of the two fully compensates for the defects. Combining sieving and pulverizing, the primary honed material is first sieved to remove most of the starch and viscous material, which can reduce the viscosity of the material and reduce the retardation of the material during secondary pulverization, thereby reducing The overall energy consumption. The principle of sorting pulverization is adopted to crush the material that does not meet the requirements, further improve the fineness of the potato slag and increase the starch extraction rate, thereby saving power, improving efficiency and ensuring uniformity of materials.

3. Three-stage extrusion, energy saving, and water saving, promoting extraction; four-level washing, five-stage filtration, and thorough extraction. After repeated scouring and washing, the starch is fully free, which overcomes the defect that it is difficult to filter by only one filtration, and greatly improves the extraction rate of starch. The starch is completely freed, and the starch and the cassava residue are sufficiently freed by prolonging the washing time and increasing the filtration strength. Multi-stage pulverization/panning/pressure filtration, the starch liberation rate can reach over 98%, the starch extraction is more thorough, and the ultimate material moisture content is low, which is convenient for the next step. The bionic robot feeds to improve the processing efficiency by more than 30%.

In addition, the continuous and efficient operation of pulverization and multi-stage separation shortens the contact time of starch with oxygen, avoids the browning of starch due to oxidation, makes the starch white and white, and has good quality. It is used for making powders such as fans and is transparent and tough.

Using the smashing method, the professional pulverizing equipment is used to maximize the extraction rate of cassava starch, and high-quality starch is obtained through strict process control, which obtains high economic benefits and protects the production interests of customers.