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Brief Introduction of Cassava Presser

Brief Introduction of Cassava Presser

The main features of the Cassava Presser are as follows

1. The main engine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel with high strength, good corrosion resistance and long service life, which meets the national standards for food industry.
2. This machine is suitable for soybean products, stalks, pickled vegetables and other processing industries, the main equipment for pressing and dewatering;
3. It has simple structure, durability, convenient maintenance, high pressure and high production efficiency.
4. In addition to the inlet and outlet ports, the rest are sealed, and the environment is clean and hygienic.
5. The base of the pressing plate is super-flat by special technology, which ensures the continuity and stability of the pressing plate when it is pressed down, and ensures the uniformity of material dehydration.
6. The material basket is processed by one-time forming process. The inner surface is finely polished, easy to clean, eliminates hygienic dead angle, ensures that the material structure is not damaged and the material discharged is clean. The pressing tray, barrel and rack of the machine are made of high-quality acid-alkali resistant 304 stainless steel.
7. Hydraulic cylinder adopts four sealing forms, which greatly improves the service life of the cylinder and prevents the leakage of hydraulic oil into contaminated food.
8. Operating panel can choose standard button type or high matching PLC computer display screen and other options. The machine has simple structure, strong durability, convenient maintenance, high pressure and high production efficiency.

Suitable range of press and dehydrator

This machine is suitable for soybean products, bean dregs, pickles, pickled vegetables, radishes, cucumbers, Flammulina velutipes, turnips, mustard, mustard, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, spicy vegetables, pickles, konjac, onion juice, distiller's grains pressing and dewatering. It can also be used for the juice collection of distiller's grains, residues of traditional Chinese medicines and fermented fruit and vegetable jam residues after pressing.
It can be widely used in alcoholic factories, fine chemical feed and other industries. It can be used for solid-liquid separation of materials containing certain fibers, such as dehydration of potatoes, bamboo shoots and other substances, such as cassava distiller's grains, asparagus raw material residues, etc. The moisture content of materials dehydrated by this machine is less than 60% (adjustable).

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