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Is It Necessary to Use Kudzu Starch Processing Equipment?

Is It Necessary to Use Kudzu Starch Processing Equipment?

More than one user has encountered the starch processing equipment that he bought back when processing kudzu root, only to find that it is not used at all. Pueraria can not be crushed, and the equipment is difficult to adapt to the raw material of Pueraria in the cleaning and filtering process. In the end, the production raw materials were wasted and delayed. The processing period. So where is the problem?
Use Kudzu Starch Processing Equipment
First of all, compared with the traditional potato starch processing raw materials, Pueraria lobata root has a larger body and a rougher skin. Especially compared with raw materials such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, Pueraria lobata root is more difficult to process. Conventional potato starch processing equipment will have many incompatibility in processing Pueraria lobata, which will affect the processing efficiency. In addition, Pueraria lobata contains a special ingredient-Pueraria flavonoids and puerarin, which are unique value features of Pueraria lobata, which should be retained as much as possible during starch processing. Therefore, when processing Pueraria lobata starch, we must pay special attention to the processing cycle, environment and equipment technology, because this special component cannot be in contact with ultraviolet rays, otherwise it will decompose and disappear. For these reasons, the processing of Pueraria lobata starch must be done with professional arrowroot powder equipment.

Use Kudzu Starch Processing Equipment
The use of professional arrowroot powder equipment can complete multi-angle, multi-level cleaning, effectively remove surface dirt and sand, and reduce the difficulty of subsequent crushing and filtering.

The use of special kudzu powder equipment can crush kudzu root according to the appearance and physical characteristics of kudzu root to fully release starch granules and effectively improve the extraction rate of starch.

The use of arrowroot powder equipment can shorten the production cycle, and will not be time-consuming and laborious like manual production. It reduces the possibility of pueraria flavonoids and puerarin being exposed to the air and sun, and retains its special medicinal value.
Kudzu Starch Processing Equipment

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