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Three Methods to Increase Starch Extraction Rate in Cassava Starch Processing

Three Methods to Increase Starch Extraction Rate in Cassava Starch Processing

Whether it is a simple small-scale processing or an industrial-level refined starch large-scale processing, improving the starch extraction rate and expanding the income of starch processing are the focuses of attention for bosses. How to improve the starch extraction rate? We have the answer.

The technical methods for processing cassava starch have become relatively common, and can be processed in large quantities or in small-scale production at home. The difference between the investment scale, starch extraction rate, and yield rate between the two will be relatively large. In pursuit of high starch extraction rate, the following 3 methods have no threshold and can all be adopted.

Select potato varieties with high starch content for cassava starch processing

For starch processing, starch potato varieties should be selected, with red skin and white flesh being preferable. Whether planted in sandy loam, hills, hillsides, or on low-lying clay ground, the powder yield can reach 18% to 25%.

Harvest cassava at the right time for cassava starch processing

The period after the first frost each year is the suitable time for harvesting potatoes. Harvesting too early will reduce the powder yield, and harvesting too late will result in freezing damage to the potato pieces which will also reduce the powder yield.

Cassava starch processing needs to be processed as soon as possible, avoiding long-term storage

The harvested potatoes should be cleaned and processed in a timely manner, and not stored for too long. Otherwise, the starch inside the potato block will be converted into sugar, which will also cause a decrease in the powder yield. Do not use potatoes that have already been stored in pits as processing raw materials.

Choose cassava starch processing equipment suitable for personal use

Everyone has different starch processing scales and processing volumes, and therefore have different needs for cassava starch processing equipment. However, try to choose potato powder machines, slag separators, and starch filters with good mechanical performance, high degree of automation, high extraction rate, strong and durable, strong applicability, easy operation, and convenient use within personal selection range.

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