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Characteristics and Process Configuration of Small Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment Which Can Process 2-3 Tones

Characteristics and Process Configuration of Small Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment Which Can Process 2-3 Tones

In the field of starch processing, with different processing conditions, the types of processing equipment required also differ. According to different capital investments, processing technology, and equipment configuration, they can be roughly divided into four types: simple type, economic type, practical type and standard type. The number of processing equipment, processing capacity and overall price of each type of configuration are different, which is suitable for investors at all levels to choose from. Today, we are going to focus on the applicable object, processing characteristics, equipment configuration, process steps, processing capacity of simple cassava starch processing equipment.


1. The suitable object of simple sweet potato starch processing equipment

The simple type of sweet potato starch processing equipment is mainly suitable for medium and small-scale starch processing with sweet potato, potato, cassava, pueraria and canna taro and other tuber crops as raw materials. The number of simple sweet potato starch processing equipment is small, the starch production technology is simple, which is suitable for processing semi-finished wet starch mainly. There is no starch swirl station, cassava flour dryer. The sedimentation tank or flow tank, hanging filter bag and outdoor drying are usually used to replace the functions of these devices. The simple starch production technology is often combined with the processing of vermicelli.

2. Processing characteristics of simple sweet potato starch processing equipment

The simple starch processing technology has the advantages of low investment, risk, and energy consumption with simple operation and high starch extraction rate. Compared with the traditional manual processing technology, simple mechanical processing method can obtain high-quality starch with low capital investment, so as to obtain good economic benefits.

3. Equipment required by simple processing

Raw materials-quantitative conveying cleaning machine-stone removal cleaning machine- inclined squirrel cage type cleaning machine-curved net extrusion type flour mill (or overflow washing type flour mill)-fine filter- grit separator-sedimentation tank or launder-vacuum dehydrator (optional, this process is not configured) - air dryer (optional, this process is not configured)

4. The simple starch processing process

1) Cleaning section: potato raw materials through multi-channel cleaning machine, effectively remove soil, stones, stems and leaves and other impurities, with transport function, water consumption is about 2-3 times of raw materials.

2) Comminution and filtration section: after the raw materials are cleaned, the special sweet potato flour mill can fully crush and effectively improve the starch extraction rate; the filtering section mainly uses a microfilter, fine filter, centrifugal screen, etc., and the starch purification relies on the grit separator to solve the problem of the poor taste of starch and ensure the taste of starch.

3) Sedimentation tank or launder separation: the simple starch processing process will crush and filter the starch slurry into the self-built sedimentation tank or launder for sedimentation. This method generally takes a long time and has not been separated by equipment oil powder. Therefore, the color of the starch paste is yellow, and the appearance and taste are inferior to that of fully mechanized starch.

4) Dehydration and drying section: simple starch processing is not equipped with dehydrator and starch dryer. Dehydration mainly depends on hanging filter bag for natural hanging filtration, filtering out the water inside, and then using outdoor natural drying or drying room, drying room for final drying. However, the moisture content of starch produced by this drying method is higher, and it is mostly granular powder. If it is not stored properly, the starch is easy to deteriorate and moldy. It is necessary to pay attention to the storage and transportation of starch.

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