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What Equipment Does a Canna Edulis Ker Starch Processing Plant Need?

What Equipment Does a Canna Edulis Ker Starch Processing Plant Need?

Starch Processing Raw Material Cleaning Equipment

The raw material cleaning equipment mainly includes pre-treatment equipment and cleaning equipment. It mainly refers to removing weeds, impurities, stones, soil, vines, woven bags, ironware, and other unnecessary substances from the raw materials to ensure that the raw materials are clean, making subsequent crushing and filtering easier.


The pre-treatment equipment mainly includes dry sieving machines and drum washers.

Starch Processing Crushing and Filtering Equipment

Crushing is to extract starch from tuberous roots. However, tuberous roots also contain other substances such as coarse fibers, fats, proteins, etc. The purpose of the filtering equipment is to filter out these impurities and ensure the purity of the starch.


The crushing and filtering equipment mainly includes mesh machines, filing machines, overflow machines, fine filters, micro filters, sand and mud removers, etc.

Starch Processing Concentration, Refining, And Separation Equipment

The purpose of this equipment is to separate and remove fine fibers, yellow powders, oil powders, and pectin from the sweet potato starch milk to improve the concentration, precision, and quality of the starch. These equipment are indispensable for professional sweet potato starch processing factories.


Starch Processing Dehydration and Drying Equipment

The cleaning, crushing, and filtering stages of sweet potato starch processing require a large amount of water, so it is necessary to thoroughly dehydrate and dry the sweet potato starch to achieve the purpose of storage and transportation. If the moisture content in the starch is too high, it is prone to decay and mold.


The dehydration and drying equipment mainly includes vacuum dehydrators and airflow drying machines.

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