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How to Produce Good Sweet Potato Starch with Sweet Potato Starch Machine

How to Produce Good Sweet Potato Starch with Sweet Potato Starch Machine

The sweet potato starch machine can complete the whole process of production from the cleaning of sweet potato to the drying of sweet potato starch. The sweet potato starch machine is exquisite in materials, reasonable in configuration and long in service life. And it can produce high-grade white sweet potato starch, which is the ideal machine for building a formal industrial sweet potato starch processing plant.

From the current stage, the sweet potato is concentrated due to the harvest season, the processing time is short, and the sweet potato is bulky and is not suitable for long-distance transportation. Moreover, the planting area is mostly in hills and mountainous areas, and transportation is inconvenient, so it is still necessary to focus on small and medium-sized processing. The investment should not be too large, and the method of decentralized processing and centralized refining can be adopted. To improve the quality of starch, mainly from the starch processing process, starch refining system and vacuum suction filter can be introduced. The starch refining system (swirl station) can replace the sedimentation tank and the acid acid slurry method. The vacuum suction filter can directly dehydrate the refined starch slurry, thereby improving the starch processing efficiency. Where conditions permit, airflow dryers can also be introduced to complete the entire process in minutes. By this configuration, not only the quality of the starch is greatly improved, but also the efficiency is increased, and the larger processing amount can be completed in a shorter time.

How to look at the quality of sweet potato starch:

1. Is it pure sweet potato starch?

There are many places where corn starch, flour and other substances are added to sweet potato starch to affect the edible taste of sweet potato starch. You can use the following method to discern the sound method - pinch a little powder with your thumb and forefinger, and shuttle it back and forth. The pure starch is smooth and delicate, and it is buzzing. Adulterated starch is rough and handy. Water test method - take a small amount of starch, put it in a cup of water, stir and let it stand for a while. Pure starch will precipitate soon, the water above is still clear; and the water above the adulterated starch is turbid.

2. Is the starch pure?

Small potato starch manufacturers in small workshops are often unable to carry out mechanized cleaning and contain a large amount of sediment, which is an important aspect affecting the edible properties of sweet potato starch.

3. Does the sulfur dioxide exceed the standard?

The food bleaching agent, sulfurous acid and its salts, have bleaching, decolorizing, anti-oxidizing and antiseptic properties, and the residual amount in the food is measured by sulfur dioxide. Sulfite and salts are less toxic, and when they are ingested in small amounts, they are rapidly oxidized into sulfates in the body and excreted. No one was found in the intake of 1 g a day. Ingesting 4-6g a day is harmful to the gastrointestinal tract and can cause severe diarrhea. Chronic effects can cause headaches, damage to the liver, and reduce red blood cell hemoglobin. Therefore, the state has adopted a limited amount of use, and the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in the edible starch should not exceed 30.00 mg/kg. For sweet potato starch, small and medium-sized starch producers generally do not use sulfur dioxide for mechanical processing. However, some hand workshop owners also sulphur fumigation of sweet potato starch in order to increase the whiteness of starch.

4. Does the moisture exceed the standard?

Excessive moisture is mainly caused by poor control process during production control or during dispensing. Excessive moisture content can cause mildew and deterioration of starch, which is detrimental to human health and is not conducive to the safe storage of starch.

5. Does starch have odor?

There are many places where simple processing of sweet potato starch is treated by the acid slurry method. The syrup itself has no harm, can accelerate the precipitation of starch and increase the whiteness of starch. However, the acid slurry method is too much affected by human factors in the application, and it is often not easy to control, so that the starch has a sour taste. In another case, the wet starch is left too long to be acidified. However, the acidified starch generally does not affect the consumption, and can be removed by soaking in water to remove some of the sour taste.

6. Is the protein content qualified?

The protein mainly reflects the separation of proteins in the raw material. Generally required in industrial, pharmaceutical or demanding food processing industries, the requirements for general use are not too high. Protein separation uses a cyclone or a concentration and protein separator.

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