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Cage Washing Machine

Cage Washing Machine

Cage Washing Machine

1.Introduction to the cage washing machine

The cage washing machine is a cleaning device specially used for removing raw materials such as potato (sweet potato, potato, pueraria, lotus root, cassava, etc.) to remove surface sediment and impurities. It is the first process used in the starch processing step, and has the function of removing stone and lifting the transfer.

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects in the processing of whole potato starch. The cleanliness of raw material cleaning is directly related to the quality of starch and the difficulty of subsequent processing.

Cage Washing Machine

2.Use and characteristics of cage washing machine

The potato raw material is cleaned to remove the sediment, clods, gravel, impurities and the like attached to the surface of the potato. Before starting the pulverization, the maximum cleaning of the material can reduce the wear of the sand and gravel on the processing equipment, and can also reduce the difficulty and burden of the subsequent fiber separation process.

In the first stage of cleaning, the dry cleaning equipment---screw conveying dry cleaning machine will be used to directly scrape off the surface of the potato cake and rinse it with water after rinsing.

3.  Structure and characteristics of cage washing machine

1. The cage washing machine is conveyed by a rotary drum. The fresh potato moves in a circular motion along the wall of the cylinder on the one hand, and moves linearly along the axis on the other hand. The comprehensive cleaning distance is more than 20 meters. Fresh potatoes are highly washed and partially peeled. Sediment, stones and skin residue are automatically discharged through the grid seam and the bottom drain of the shell.

2. The cage washing machine combines the functions of washing potato and conveying, without adding additional sweet potato machine. This is not possible with a typical squirrel cage cleaner. It is energy efficient.

3. The cage washing machine has an overall length of 4.3m. The conveyor belt was lifted with a 30° tilt angle squirrel cage. It has a long raw material cleaning distance. It has high cleaning efficiency and does not harm potato skin. The rate of starch loss is low.

4. The cage washing machine uses a counterflow roller and a high pressure three-dimensional jet to clean the raw materials. This will reduce the overall water consumption and increase the clarity.

5. The cage washing machine is operated at low speed to reduce centrifugal force. This makes cleaning easier and smoother.

6. The cage washing machine adopts the funnel type feeding, which reduces the difficulty of manual feeding, makes the feeding more convenient and easy, and reduces the physical labor.

4.Working principle of cage washing machine
The potato chips are rubbed and rolled in the cage with the spiral steel strips and immersed in the whole process to soften the surface sediment and preliminarily remove the surface floating sand floating mud. The rinsing is then lifted by a spiral conveyor. The spiral conveyor belt design increases the immersion and contact time of materials and water to improve the cleaning effect.

5. Processing capacity analysis of cage washing machine
The processing volume of the cleaning machine mainly depends on the throughput of the subsequent pulverizing equipment, and then controls the amount of cleaning and feeding. It is also based on the overall starch processing capacity of the farmer or merchant.

6. Installation operation and use of cage washing machine
The installation of the cage washing machine is guided by the professional installer equipped with the machinery factory. It is necessary to check the standardization of the power supply voltage, water source and other places in time to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

Before starting to use it, check the power supply voltage again before starting the motor operation. When rinsing with water and filtering, control the water flow and adjust the appropriate flow to avoid wasting water resources. The input of potato chips should be evenly delivered according to the hourly processing capacity of the equipment. Pay attention to the amount of control, and do not arbitrarily put into processing. If it is too little or too little, it will affect the cleaning effect and speed, and affect subsequent processing.

7. Main technical parameters of cage washing machine
Dimensions: 4300mm*1000mm*1200mm
Supporting power: ≥1.5-5.5kw
Speed: 12-30 (rev / min)
Processing capacity: 3-10 tons / hour (various models are selected according to the user's processing volume)

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