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The Difference between Potato Starch and Potato Powder

The Difference between Potato Starch and Potato Powder

1. Overview

Potato starch is obtained by processing fresh potatoes as a raw material through a series of processes such as washing, crushing, filtering, dehydrating and drying. It is characterized by viscous feet, fine texture, white color, excellent gloss, but poor water absorption. When added with water, it will condense into a transparent viscous shape.

The whole potato powder mainly includes snow powder and granule powder. The finished product mainly exists in the form of a potato cell monomer or a polymer of several cells. Therefore, it is called potato "granule" whole powder. The full snow powder is obtained by drying the roll (roller). Its finished shape is like a "snowflake" sheet, so it is called potato snow powder.

2. Difference

The production and commercial quantity of potato starch is second only to corn starch, ranking second among all plant starches. The starch with water is heated to 60°C ~75 °C, and the starch granules rapidly swell and swell. The shape of the starch granules is broken and is a translucent colloidal paste. This process is the gelatinization of starch. The so-called syrup is a non-uniform mixed state of the incompletely destroyed starch granules and the broken starch granules in the hot water-dissolved contiguous starch and the branched starch solution. The gelatinized starch tastes good and is easy to digest, called alpha starch. Potato starch has excellent gelatinization properties that distinguish it from other starches. Because of its high degree of expansion and strong water absorption capacity, meat protein is denatured by heat during processing and heating of meat products to form a network structure. As a part of the mesh still contains insufficient moisture, it is absorbed and fixed by the starch granules. Starch granules become soft and elastic, playing the dual role of adhesion and water retention. Therefore, it has become the first choice for processing meat products. It is also widely used in the paper industry, textile industry, food processing industry, adhesive production and other fields.

Whole potato powder is a low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie, high-protein food ingredient. And it largely preserves the high content of VB1, VB2, VC and minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron in potatoes. It can be made into the best nutritious food from infants to old ages, and should be praised as "a perfect food" by domestic and foreign nutritionists. It has almost all the nutrients the body needs. It has the characteristics of good product recovery and pure taste.

The main difference between the two is that the whole potato powder is a dehydrated product of fresh potatoes, which contains all the dry matter of the potato except the potato skin. The integrity of the potato cell granules is maintained to the utmost extent during processing. Therefore, the whole potato powder after rehydration has the nutrition, flavor and taste of the fresh potato after steaming. Potato starch is only one of the many components of potato, so potato starch does not have the nutrition, flavor and taste of the potato.

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