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Large Potato Starch Production Equipment

Large Potato Starch Production Equipment

Potato starch machine includes dry sieves, washing machines, cutting machines, centrifugal sieves, fine fiber sieves, separators, starch hydrocyclones, peeler centrifuges, dryers, potato starch sieves and packaging machines.

1. Potato cleaning and cleaning section

Dry sieve: The dry sieve will rotate its inner spiral to remove some impurities and peel from the potatoes. This part will guarantee the high quality of potato starch. It is worth telling you that our potato starch machine will not destroy the potato body during this cleaning process and maintain starch production.

Washing machine: This machine is a different washing machine than the sweet potato starch washing process. The reverse flow washing principle is used to reverse the flow of raw materials.

2. Potato broken parts

Potato Crush: It is used to cut potatoes into pieces for further comminution.
The GOODWAY potato shredder crushes potatoes at high extraction rates. It has the characteristics of popular design, reasonable structure, fast speed and high filing coefficient.

3. Potato residue and starch separation

Centrifugal sieve: This machine can extract potato starch. This step is a key part of the potato starch machinery used to remove impurities from the starch slurry.

4. Potato starch concentrate, washing and refining

Separator: This machine is used to separate the protein and cell liquid in the slurry and can be used for the enrichment and purification of starch slurry. Many times it is combined with a hydrocyclone to concentrate and wash potato starch.
Hydrocyclones: In potato starch machinery, hydrocyclones are used to remove fiber, protein and cell juice from starch milk to concentrate and finely wash starch milk. Typically, the hydrocyclone unit includes concentration, recovery and washing. After this section, the potato starch milk is pure enough.

5. Potato starch dehydration

Potato Centrifuge: This potato starch machine is used for the dehydration of potato starch, with siphoning and centrifugal force, so potato starch can be dehydrated efficiently.

6. Potato starch drying

Dryer: This machine has a special heating system and cooling system. In addition, the machine uses a vacuum system to ensure a clean working environment. It is also an effective desiccant for potato starch machinery.

7. Starch screening and packaging

Starch sieving machine: The dried starch can be sieved with a starch sifter in a short time.
Automatic packaging machine: packaging can save a lot of manpower.

Starch is the raw material for many products, medicines and foods to eat. As countries become more developed, the demand for starch usually increases. For example, in 1993 there was about 34 million tons of starch trade worldwide. Due to the many applications of starch, potato starch is becoming more popular in many countries. Potato starch processing is also an important way to increase the economic income of potato growing areas. If you are looking for potato starch machine, then GOODWAY will be your best choice.

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