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Investment Analysis and Basic Costs for Starting A Starch Processing Plant

Investment Analysis and Basic Costs for Starting A Starch Processing Plant

1. Status of investment in potato starch processing

Sweet potato, potato, cassava, pueraria, cannabis, acorn, pea, lotus root, wheat and other crops are rich in starch, protein, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and many other minerals, and the taste and nutritional value are extremely high.

In China, there are different areas of planting. More and more potato growers rely on the national precision poverty alleviation policy and gradually develop into the field of starch deep processing. There has been a normative industrial cooperation model such as "enterprise company + planting cooperatives + poor households", and gradually formed a good appearance of regionalization, intensification and scale of starch processing industry. This is an excellent driving force for potato planting, potato starch processing, and potato noodles. This is conducive to industrial development and the implementation of the national poverty alleviation policy.

Investment Analysis and Basic Costs for Starting A Starch Processing Plant

2. The following points should be considered when investing in starch processing equipment:

1. Raw materials: raw materials such as sweet potato, potato, cassava, pueraria, cannabis, acorn, pea, lotus root, wheat, etc.
2. Land planting area: a stable source of raw potato processing materials, a wide area of raw material planted or an area that may be cultivated.
3. Funding: It mainly includes infrastructure, starch processing equipment, manpower, and working capital. The investment amount of equipment is affected by three factors: automation degree, processing technology and manufacturing material.
4. Water source: Processing starch requires sufficient and clean water source, which is the basic premise and guarantee for the starch deep processing project.
5. Electricity: Environmentally friendly and hygienic power energy meets the requirements of green environmental protection processing technology. Therefore, the improvement of power infrastructure has greatly promoted the smooth development of starch deep processing projects.
6. Gas: Heating energy supply methods such as standard coal, gas, natural gas, electricity, etc. In order to avoid coal-burning pollution, we should use environmentally friendly processing methods such as electromagnetic heating technology.

3. Investment in starch processing equipment cost profit

1.Raw material (sweet potato)
2. Water
3. Electricity
4. Labor
5. Fuel (coal)
6. The direct production cost is equal to the raw material plus water fee plus the electricity fee plus the fuel
7. Other expenses: depreciation, taxation, etc. are calculated according to the actual situation of each user. The profit is based on the actual sales at the local market price, minus the cost as a net profit.

Investment Analysis and Basic Costs for Starting A Starch Processing Plant

4. The requirements of investment in starch processing equipment factory construction (choose the construction address generally has 5 specific requirements)

1 Choose close to raw material production, product sales market and farmers market.
2 Choose convenient transportation, close to the potato production base. Fresh potato raw materials are planted close to the road for transportation.
3 Choose close to the water quality (soft water, no pollution, no source, meet the reference water quality standards). The amount of water is sufficient, and it is better to use deep well water or river water. It is easy to drain and there is no pollution around.
4 Select close to the power supply. The water and electricity facilities are complete, there is sufficient power supply, and the reliability of power supply is required.
5 Requirements for construction conditions, topography and land area of the plant: The terrain, size and slope of the plant should be conducive to transportation, water supply, drainage, and adapt to the process characteristics of the processing operation.

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