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Pea Starch, Sweet Potato Starch and Corn Starch. So Many Kinds of Starches. How Many Have you Eaten?

Pea Starch, Sweet Potato Starch and Corn Starch. So Many Kinds of Starches. How Many Have you Eaten?

All kinds of starches we eat are made by professional starch processing equipment. In addition to food, they are also used in chemical, alcohol, textile and other industries. Wide use, better food efficacy, so that starch becomes a more common thing around us. So what do you know about starch? What kinds do you know?

1. Corn starch
Corn starch, also known as corn flour, is the most widely used starch in cooking. Corn starch tastes crisp after frying, so fried dishes that need crisp skin usually need to be pasted with corn starch, such as sweet and sour crisp skin fish, using corn starch and pea starch to mix and paste.

Corn starch

2. Cassava starch
Before talking about cassava starch, what is raw meal first? Raw meal actually refers to the starch used in cooking. In general, most cases of starch used in the home can be solved with a package of raw meal. Raw meal is usually made from cassava starch and corn starch separately or after mixing, because these two starches are cheaper and very practical. Cassava starch is also called rhombus powder.

Cassava starch

3. Pea starch
Pea starch belongs to better starch. When frying crispy meat, pea starch is better. First, it is soft and hard, and its taste is very crisp, but it is not as crisp as corn starch. Moreover, when pea starch is used as crisp broth or stew, the starch epidermis can not fall off. The cold powder and peel we eat in the snack bar are mostly made of pea starch.

Pea starch

4. Sweet potato starch
Sweet potato starch is a kind of starch with poor quality. It has black color and rough granules. After gelatinization, it will taste more sticky. Sizing Gouqin usually does not use it. But it has one advantage, that is, pasted sticky at the same time is relatively smooth, crisp meat made of sweet potato starch, black, skin is not crisp enough, but used as casserole, long boiling, tough skin, chewing head, especially delicious. Think of that dark brown, smooth and tough chafing dish powder.

Sweet potato starch

5. Mung bean starch
Mung bean starch is almost the best quality food starch, but because it contains more amylose, less amylopectin, and more expensive, it is less used in the kitchen (gelatinization mainly depends on amylopectin). But Longkou vermicelli made from mung bean starch are very good fans (some will add some pea starch). It's not easy to make them so thin and short, and the taste is very strong. Other starches are difficult to do.

Mung bean starch

6. Potato starch
Potato starch made of potato powder is very smooth, hot pot and casserole are very good, but sizing and Gouqin is not as good as cassava starch and corn starch, and prone to aging reaction, reduce the taste of dishes, so in the cooking process is not used much.

Potato starch

7. Wheat Starch
Wheat starch, also known as orange powder, can be used to make some Cantonese snacks, crystal shrimp dumplings and so on. It has good transparency and looks good.

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