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How Much Does A Cassava Starch Processing Line Cost?

How Much Does A Cassava Starch Processing Line Cost?

Traditional cassava starch processing, especially in rural areas, tapioca starch processing equipment may only have washing machines and cassava crushing machine (cassava starch extraction machine). After the cassava raw material is washed and crushed, filtering and sedimentation basically rely on human labor, and drying also depends on natural drying. In this way, the cassava starch processing process takes a long time, and many links also rely on manpower.

Cassava Starch Processing Line-1

Now there is a fully automatic tapioca starch production line, which can complete the entire process of starch processing automatically. According to the type of finished starch, a whole set of cassava starch processing equipment, that is, the cassava starch production line can be divided into the simple type and economic standard type.

Cassava Starch Processing Line-2

1. Wet cassava starch production line

The wet starch cassava production line does not require a dehydrator and drying equipment, but the cassava starch processing machine must be complete before the dehydration and drying process. Generally speaking, the following types of cassava starch processing equipment should be included: quantitative conveying washing machine, stone removing washing machine, cage washing machine, cassava starch extraction machine (cassava rasper), cassava residue conveyor, fine filter  and de-Sander and so on.

Such a set of cassava starch processing line investment is relatively small and the price is not high.

Cassava Starch Processing Line-3

2. Dry starch cassava starch production line

Cassava Starch Processing Line-4

In addition to the cassava starch processing equipment that requires a wet cassava starch production line, the dry starch production line also requires a cyclone filter, a concentrated cyclone, a transfer tank, a refined cyclone station, a vacuum dehydrator, and an air dryer. If necessary, it can also be equipped with automatic Packing Machine.

As the name implies, the finished product of the dry starch production line is dry starch, which can be further divided into economic and standard types. The cassava starch processing machine included in the two is roughly the same, but the materials are different.

The equipment for economic tapioca starch production line is generally made of ordinary steel, with less investment, different models, different processing volumes, and prices ranging from 60,000 to 90,000. The equipment of the standard cassava starch production line is made of stainless steel, and the investment is relatively large.

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