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Five Technology Advantages of the New Automated Cassava Starch Processing Equipment

Five Technology Advantages of the New Automated Cassava Starch Processing Equipment

Cassava starch processing, simple has simple methods, complex has complex technical principles. Although all can obtain starch from cassava, the production volume, quality, purity, net weight, input-output ratio are quite different.

Automated starch production is a closed dynamic process. The pressure, flow, concentration, temperature, density, and moisture data indicators of each processing link need to be automatically adjusted and controlled by intelligent means to ensure stable, reliable, continuous, and automated production.

The new type of automated starch production line adopts a fully enclosed fast production technology, which has the characteristics of clean production environment, simple and convenient production process, and significant energy and water saving effects.

  • After cleaning and crushing, the raw material of cassava starch processing forms wet materials and flows into the fully enclosed pipeline closed-loop processing system with water.

  • There is no intermediate storage tank during the flow of cassava starch processing, nor is soaking in a sedimentation tank required, so the production cycle is greatly shortened.

  • From the cleaning crushing of cassava raw materials, through filtering purification, dehydration, drying, until it becomes finished dry starch, packaging and warehousing only takes a short 5 minutes.

  • This operating technique for cassava starch processing effectively avoids the enzymatic browning caused by long-term exposure to oxygen in the material and the air and eliminates the transmission and pollution of dust and bacteria in the outdoor environment, ensuring the quality of starch.

  • The simple processing technology and rough production process and environment of cassava starch processing certainly cannot meet the quality requirements of refined starch.

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