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Cassava Flour Milling Machine

Cassava Flour Milling Machine


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Features of Cassava Flour Milling Machine

Processing Capacity: 400-500kgs/hour
Application Scope: Milling the coarse powder into fine powder
Product Introduction: Cassava milling machine, cassava miller for cassava flour and garri processing

Product Description of Cassava Milling Machine

1. Application: It is designed for dry materials with size less than 12mm grinding, such as cassava flour/yam flour/wheat flour milling, also suitable for chili/black pepper/bean milling too. For this machine, the output powder can be 80-120mesh.
2. Material: 304 stainless steel.
3. Features: Low energy consumption, easy operation, and friendly maintenance.
4. Input material size is less than 12mm and dry material.
5. Working principle:  With the help of stainless steel high-speed mechanical transmission, the relative motion between activities gear and fixed gear, the material from the hopper through feeder automatically added to the grinding chamber, activity gear and fixed gear shear the friction and material impact to achieve the combined effects of crushing, the crushed powder through the screen controlled by the powder outlet to fall into the powder collector bags.

Technical Parameters of Cassava Milling Machine



Machine Material

Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel



Main shaft Speed

3400 r/min

Feeding Size


Crushing Fineness






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