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What Are the Advantages of Starch Drying Equipment by Getting Rid of the Limitation of Outdoor Drying Conditions

What Are the Advantages of Starch Drying Equipment by Getting Rid of the Limitation of Outdoor Drying Conditions

The drying of starch and vermicelli have always been made by natural drying in the long-lasting traditional processing. Today, some cassava starch processing plants still adopt this method and sell their products with the pure handwork as the selling point. However, with the continuous improvement of science and technology and machinery manufacturing capabilities, more and more automated and mechanized methods have gradually replaced manual processing with the advantages of high yield, efficiency, time and energy.

I. Advantages of cassava starch processing machinery

It cannot be denied that the great convenience brought by the level of mechanical manufacturing has changed the manual operation mode characterized by laborious processing, water and electricity-consuming, and it has greatly shortened the tapioca starch processing time with the obvious increase of output.

Drying in a natural outdoor environment is very easy to cause impurities such as dust, stones, and gravel to be mixed into the starch block. As a result,  not only the quality of the starch containing impurities decreases , it will also affect the processing and production of vermicelli or noodle. In this way, the quality and purity of the starch are poor and the poor purity further makes the vermicelli shapeless or gritty. That means the quality of the products is affacted.

II. Benefits of using potato starch machine

In addition to the large-scale drying line, the drying equipment of potato starch machine now includes  the small starch dryer, which is small in size and much cheaper than the high-yield drying equipment.

1. Fast drying speed to shorten drying time

The drying method of potato starch machine is driven by the power of a mechanical motor to continuously provide heat and wind energy to dry starch instantaneously. The drying process can be finished in 3-5 seconds.

2. High drying output to improve processing efficiency

Strong evaporation capacity  makes the daily output of starch reach 5-50 tons, and the processing capacity of the small potato starch machine dryer can also reach 60-100 kg. In addition, the impacts of rain, snow, wind and sand are avoided which means the potato starch machine can carry out intensive and high-yield starch processing tasks safely and worry-free.

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