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Automated Production Process and Distinctive Advantages of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Automated Production Process and Distinctive Advantages of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

In the field of starch processing, automated sweet potato starch processing equipment, with its unique features and significant advantages, has become the preferred production tool for starch manufacturers. Let us delve into these features and advantages.

Automative starch processing equipment operation process

Raw material reception→multi-stage cleaning→crushing→sieving and filtering→desanding and desilting→starch concentration and refining→vacuum dehydration→drying→packaging

Suitable for sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, arrowroots, and banana taro and other raw materials.

Advantages of automated sweet potato starch processing equipment

Multiple models

small, medium, large starch processing equipment, intelligent control system automatically completes.

Diverse selection

The equipment provides multiple models, suitable for small, medium, and large-scale starch production lines, with processing capacity ranging from 2 to 100 tons per hour. This diversity makes the selection of production scale more flexible.

Intelligent control system

From raw material cleaning to starch drying, the entire production process is automatically completed by the intelligent control system. With only 5-7 operators, high automation level reduces labor intensity and labor costs, and the operation is convenient, greatly improving production efficiency.

New typestarch processing equipment, improving starch extraction rate and providing all-around quality assurance

Increased starch extraction rate

Introducing a new type of starch milling machine greatly improves the starch extraction rate, with a high free starch filtration rate of up to 98%. This not only increases output value, but also provides all-around quality, taste, purity, fineness, and whiteness protection for starch.

Widely used in the starch processing of various raw materials

Wide application

Automated sweet potato starch processing equipment is widely used in the starch processing fields of sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, arrowroot, banana taro, acorns, lotus roots, and peas, among other various raw materials. The specific equipment configuration varies with the differences in raw materials to meet various starch production requirements.

Modern starch extraction process, no need for drying areas, full machine operation throughout the process

Modern process

Introducing a modern starch extraction process eliminates the need for drying areas. The entire production process is fully machine-operated, from raw material entry to producing dry starch, free from restrictions such as weather and temperature.

The finished starch exhibits stable and high-quality characteristics, promoting a green and healthy image

High-Quality End Products

The final output of the finished starch is characterized by stability, superior quality, fine and uniform texture, as well as cleanliness and hygiene. Its environmentally friendly and healthy image has gained enthusiastic reception in the market, offering consumers a higher standard of starch products.

When selecting starch processing equipment, automated sweet potato starch processing equipment stands out with its advanced technology, efficient production, and high-quality products. It serves as a decisive weapon for starch manufacturers in the fiercely competitive market. Goodway remains committed to providing reliable system solutions for the starch industry, supporting enterprises in achieving greater success.

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