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Cost Comparison and Analysis of Electricity, Natural Gas, Biomass and Other Energy Supply Modes in Starch Processing

Cost Comparison and Analysis of Electricity, Natural Gas, Biomass and Other Energy Supply Modes in Starch Processing

In starch processing and vermicelli processing, the cost of energy is an important aspect. With the increasingly stricter requirements of national environmental protection, low-cost coal can not be used in general places. In the current energy supply mode, oil, electricity, natural gas and biomass fuel are widely used. Cost control is related to the vital interests of starch and vermicelli processing enterprises. In the starch, vermicelli processing industry, sufficient power is needed by the automatic processing process to keep the machine running smoothly. However, some energy supply methods have high input cost and maintenance cost, which are not suitable for most ordinary starch deep processing enterprises. The following is a comparative analysis of the cost of these different ways of energy supply. It can help you to choose the energy supply mode with high cost performance and reasonable mode in the processing and production of actual starch and starch products.

In the heating process, the boiler is used most. The boiler has a heat loss problem. It is mainly composed of several aspects, such as exhaust heat loss, heat loss of gas incomplete combustion,  heat loss of solid incomplete combustion, boiler heat loss, ash physical heat loss. The main reason is the heat loss of exhaust gas. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of several heating methods is different.

The heat consumption for producing 1 ton of steam is 600,000 kilocalorie, 1 kilocalorie = 1000 calories = 1000 × 4.18 = 4180 J, and 1 MJ = 239.234 kilocalorie.

1. Electricity in Starch Processing

[1 kilowatt hour: 1 kw/h). The industrial electricity price ranges from 0.27 yuan/kwh to 0.9 yuan/kwh (the daily peak valley value changes), with an average of 0.6 yuan/kwh, while the agricultural electricity price is generally less than 0.5 yuan/kwh].

1 kwh is completely converted into heat energy of 1000 × 3600 = 3,600,000 J. 3,600,000÷4,180=861.24 kilocalorie. The thermal efficiency is about 95%, so 600,000 × (861.24 × 0.95) = 734.3 kwh, and the cost is 733.4 × 0.6 yuan/kwh = 440 yuan (estimated).

Large electric heating steam boiler belongs to pressure vessel and special boiler worker is needed. Due to its large power consumption, the general scale processing plant is not suitable. For small-scale starch processing plants, the steam pressure required is small. Steam generator can be used when the consumption is small. It can be used without pressure vessel management and professional fireman. It can reduce management cost, reduce heat loss and it is of use safety. For the needs of high temperature, electromagnetic hot blast stove can be used, which is more convenient for energy supply. But pay attention to the quality of power equipment laying in the early stage. In the actual production, the power supply is stable and the later maintenance is simpler.

Note: different provinces and cities have different electricity prices, which shall be in accordance with the local provisions.

2. Natural gas in Starch Processing

[the price fluctuates between 2.7-4.5 yuan/m³ (seasonal reasons), with an average of 3.41 yuan/m³]

A lot of energy is supplied by natural gas. The average price of natural gas is 3.41 yuan/m³. The calorific value of natural gas is 8000 kcal/m³, and the thermal efficiency of natural gas is 85%. Therefore, the natural gas for producing one ton of steam is about 600000 × (8000 × 0.85) = 88m³. The total amount is 88 × 3.41 = 300 yuan (estimated). 

The operation of natural gas boiler is more convenient than that of coal-fired boiler, but it also needs professional boiler workers. At the same time, the price of natural gas is high, and the price is unstable. At the same time, the pipeline laying and account opening costs are high, and there are certain security risks when using it.

3. Biomass fuel (taking peanut shell as an example) in Starch Processing

A small number of enterprises in some areas will use biomass fuel for energy supply, but generally require a larger furnace type, generally using 4-10 tons of boilers. The calorific value of peanut shell is 3,600 kcal, and the utilization rate of energy supply is about 73%. The peanut for producing 1 ton steam is 600,000 × (3600 × 0.73) = 228.3kg. The price of peanut shell is 1 yuan/kg, which is 228.3 × 1 = 228.3 yuan (estimated).

If only the final estimated price is compared, it seems that biomass fuel is the most cost-effective. However, in the actual production process, biomass boiler also needs to be equipped with efficient bag filter. The cost of environmental protection investment is high. Professional firemen are needed, and corresponding personnel responsible for water treatment equipment and management are needed. In fact, the cost of this energy supply mode is not low.

After a comprehensive comparison, local enterprises should choose the suitable energy supply mode according to the local government's regulations, their own processing scale, processing technology, and equipment requirements for energy, so as to reduce investment and reduce production costs.

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