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The Main Reasons that Determine the Price of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

The Main Reasons that Determine the Price of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Every customer who comes to Goodway for equipment consultation often asks: How much is a set of equipment? Usually when we encounter such problems, we will first ask the customer how much the specific processing volume is, so that we can basically determine the price range of the starch equipment he needs, and then recommend the equipment that suits his processing needs to facilitate making choices. Sweet potato starch processing equipment can easily reach millions and hundreds of thousands. So which aspects determine the price of equipment?

1. Equipment output size

According to the processing needs of customers, the output of sweet potato starch processing equipment is different, small 2-3 tons/hour, medium-sized 30-50 tons/day, and large-scale 50-100 tons/day. Generally, the equipment is customized according to the actual situation of the customer. The larger the equipment output, the more materials and the higher the cost, and the higher the price.


(Large automatic starch line)

2. The degree of automation

The higher the degree of automation, the higher the equipment price. This automation refers to the degree of mechanization of the entire starch production process, from the raw material entering the machine to the dry starch exiting the machine, and the finished product packaging. Each link is fully automated by an intelligent numerical control computer.

3. Different starch processing technology and different configuration

Some regions and processing users, in order to save equipment funds, will choose artificial + mechanical starch processing technology to produce starch. As a result, different processing techniques lead to different production and processing links for each enterprise user, and there are more differences in the number of equipment, configuration, employment, and land occupation, and the price of equipment also varies greatly.


(Sedimentation tank process)

4. Equipment materials

There are two main materials for making sweet potato starch processing equipment, ordinary steel (carbon steel) and stainless steel. The price of carbon steel is slightly lower. In actual production cases, equipment made of carbon steel is susceptible to corrosion after long-term processing and use, which affects subsequent processing. The stainless steel sweet potato starch processing equipment uses sophisticated materials, has a high overall configuration, stable performance and easy cleaning, which can effectively ensure the quality of starch.

These 4 reasons determine the price of sweet potato starch processing equipment. People in need should communicate with the equipment manufacturer in a timely manner, tailor the equipment, and reduce production costs under the premise of reasonable and effective processing.

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