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Cassava Chips Cutting Machine Instructions

Cassava Chips Cutting Machine Instructions

The slicer uses a rotating cutter to cut the Huaishan, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato (sweet potato), radish cucumber, balsam pear, potato and other agricultural products into slices. The slicing quality is good, the products are uniform in thickness and size, the slicing tissue is fresh and does not destroy the fibrous tissue. At the same time, the slicing efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, the energy consumption is low, the sanitation, the safety, the high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for the agricultural product processing. It is mainly composed of frame, rotating cutter, transmission part, motor and outlet. It is suitable for slicing medium-sized and long cylindrical materials (such as Huaishan, lotus root, cassava, sweet potato and radish). The machine is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel in contact with agricultural products to ensure long-term work is stainless, non-corrosive, non-toxic and harmless, which meets the hygienic requirements of food processing machinery.
1. Installation and commissioning
Before use, place the machine on the dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably. Before use, check all parts, whether fasteners are loose during transportation, whether switches and power lines are damaged due to transportation, and whether there are foreign bodies in hoppers or cartons. Check whether the power supply voltage is in line with the local operating voltage. The soft wire of the power supply is extended, the yellow and green cores with grounding symbols are grounded reliably, and the remaining three cores (two when equipped with single-phase motor) are connected to the lead-out terminals of the open load switch (gate switch) when it is disconnected. Open the front door before work and use the hand to move the turntable to see if there is a knock on the tool. If so, loosen the fastening bolt on the turntable, move the turntable slightly outward, and then tighten the fastening bolt. Close the open load switch, start the open button, depending on whether the direction of the cutter is correct, observe the counter-clockwise rotation from the inlet port to be correct, otherwise adjust the power cord, until the cutter is running in the right direction, no abnormal parts can be tested.
2. Operation
Before normal work, try cutting first, observe whether the specifications and requirements of cut vegetables are consistent, otherwise the height of blade and turntable should be adjusted (or replaced), and then normal work should be carried out after adjusting correctly. The thickness of the slice is determined by the clearance between the blade and the turntable, and the size of the slice is changed by adjusting the blade.

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