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Facing the Problems Existing In Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry, What Are The Practical Solutions?

Facing the Problems Existing In Sweet Potato Starch Processing Industry, What Are The Practical Solutions?

China has a large planting area of sweet potato, but the sweet potato processing conversion rate is not high, which is related to the unstable development of China's sweet potato deep processing industry and the small scale of processing market. 

Sweet potato starch processing industry is not only a problem in processing methods, but also a series of industrial chains from cultivation and planting of sweet potato, starch processing and vermicelli processing. In the face of many problems existing in the industrial development, We need to promote the upgrading and innovative development of sweet potato starch processing industry so as to form a good industrial development model and improve the conversion rate of sweet potato processing.

There are four problems in sweet potato starch processing industry.

1. Problems encountered in sweet potato cultivation:

Hybrid varieties and lack of special varieties lead to low yield of sweet potato; virus-free seed potato has been planted for many years, resulting in the degradation of varieties; extensive field cultivation management, backward cultivation mode, root nematode disease and other stubborn diseases are difficult to eradicate, resulting in the yield reduction and quality decline of high-yield and high-quality varieties.

2. Storage problems of sweet potato:

Poor storage conditions and improper management methods have led to serious saccharification of the starch in the sweet potato, reducing the yield of starch; the lack of disinfection measures in the storage space has even caused the occurrence of sweet potato diseases and insect pests, and the phenomenon of cellar rot.

3. Problems in sweet potato starch processing:

Small scale, scattered and disordered processing enterprises; backward processing equipment, low degree of mechanization and backward processing technology; few deep-processing products with high added value and low utilization rate of sweet potato resources.

4. The management mode of sweet potato industrialization is not perfect, the industrial chain is not coherent, and the development of sweet potato industrialization lags behind.

What are the practical solutions?

(1) Select and promote high-yield, high-quality, starch-processing sweet potato varieties.

(2) Improve the traditional cultivation techniques and implement the standardized cultivation management mode.

(3) Carry out regional planting of varieties to reduce the phenomenon of hybrid varieties and yield reduction.

(4) Promote scientific storage methods to solve the problem of sweet potato preservation and reduce the loss.

(5) Increase and innovate the scale of starch processing enterprises, improve the processing technology, improve the degree of processing mechanization, and create famous and excellent characteristic products.

(6) Build industrial chain, form industrial scale and realize sustainable development. Taking the market as the guidance, taking the sweet potato processing enterprises as the leader, the integrated management of production, processing and sales is realized. Using the good investment environment created by national policy and rural government, we can attract all kinds of funds to invest in the development of sweet potato processing industry. To guide consumption, establish brand advantages of sweet potato starch products, promote product sales with brand advantages, and promote the sustainable development of sweet potato processing industry.

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