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Fully Automatic Kudzu Powder Equipment Processing Process And Detailed Explanation of Processing Principle

Fully Automatic Kudzu Powder Equipment Processing Process And Detailed Explanation of Processing Principle

Among the potato starch in China, the price of kudzu starch is at the top, and the market price is basically maintained at 20,000 yuan/ton. The main reasons lie in the unique medicinal function and edible value of kudzu, as well as the difficulty in extracting starch from kudzu. In the process of processing kudzu starch, the retaining of its medical value need very professional equipment instead of the traditional starch extraction method.


1.  In the cleaning section

kudzu just harvested is covered with sand and soil blocks, which needs preliminary cleaning. Raw material cleaning is not a simple water-passing, but through 3-4 cleaning equipment soaking, washing, kneading, stone removal, etc. to the next section. The significance of full cleaning of raw materials lies in the early cleaning of stones, sediment, impurities, etc., which can greatly reduce the processing pressure of the follow-up section, reduce the water consumption and equipment failure rate and improve the processing efficiency.


2. The crushing and filtering section

This section determines the yield of kudzu starch, and is also an important section affecting the extraction rate of potato starch, which cannot be saved. The difficulty of processing Kudzu starch is reflected here. The supporting kudzu powder equipment is specially designed for the characteristics of the rough and hard surface of kudzu root, which is not easily broken.The special kudzu starch processing equipment has a special process of two-stage crushing and three-stage extrusion, which can repeatedly wash, filter and crush kudzu, destroy and decompose the organizational structure of Kudzu maximally, release starch granules, filter out the dregs, and greatly improve the extraction rate and filtration rate of kudzu starch.


3.  sand and mud removal

 The purpose of this section is to better and thoroughly remove impurities and fine particles in the starch slurry. The missing gravel in the cleaning process is effectively filtered in this step to ensure the final taste of starch.


4. The refined cyclone

 How to keep Kudzu flavone Puerarin, which has special value in Kudzu starch, depends on the production process of this section. The main function of this section is to automatically wash Kudzu starch, separate out the non-starch substances such as yellow powder, oil powder and fruit powder, and improve the quality and whiteness of starch. In order to save the budget, some processing users will give up the cyclone station and use the traditional sedimentation tank process to precipitate Kudzu starch. However, the unique Kudzu flavone and Puerarin in Kudzu will decompose when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which will lose the medicinal value and selling point of Kudzu powder. Therefore, the sedimentation tank process cannot be selected for processing.


5.  Dehydration and drying

Dehydration and dryingof Kudzu starch cannot be operated in the sun. The traditional manual processing of Kudzu starch and drying with water are all operated in the outdoor natural environment, with long time, easily disturbed by weather changes, long processing cycle and unstable quality. The processing of full-automatic Kudzu powder equipment is carried out indoors, and it can be dried instantly in a few seconds.


The market prospect of Kudzu starch is broad. Reasonable and effective processing technology can bring very good economic benefits for Kudzu powder processing households. Mechanized processing method increases the production cost of Pueraria starch, but greatly improves the yield and quality of Kudzu starch. High quality Kudzu starch can sell at a better price, which is a very suitable choice for those Kudzu starch processing households.

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