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How is Cassava Starch Produced? How does Modern Cassava Starch Processing Equipment Work?

How is Cassava Starch Produced? How does Modern Cassava Starch Processing Equipment Work?

Cassava starch is widely used and has a long processing history, but many consumers do not know the processing principle and process of cassava starch. This article will give you a detailed understanding.

How is Cassava Starch Produced

I. Principle Analysis

Cassava starch is quite common. It is a complicated process from cassava to starch, but this process is not a chemical process, but a physical separation process. Cassava starch production is to separate starch from protein, fiber and other substances in cassava. Then the starch is insoluble in cold water and denser than water. Starch is separated from starch milk by precipitation tank or cyclone to obtain starch. As a professional cassava starch processing equipment, the cyclone has a very good separation effect aftermarket test.

II. Modern Processing of Cassava Starch

1. Multi-level cleaning, cleaner raw materials.

2. Two-stage sorting crushing has a high crushing rate and sufficient starch dissociation.

3. Coarse filtration + fine filtration + microfiltration to remove impurities.

4. Segmental sand removal and mud removal to ensure quality.

5. Special swirl structure concentrated and refined starch, improve starch accuracy.

6. Vacuum washing and filtration dewatering, fluffy materials, small water content.

8. Drying at low temperature and high air volume, the drying effect is good, while effectively avoiding starch gelatinization.

III. Corresponding Equipment

Corresponding Equipment

Multi-stage cleaning (screw conveyor dry cleaning machine, stone removal cleaning machine, squirrel cage cleaning machine, rubbing washing machine, quantitative conveyor cleaning machine) - - crushing and filtering (curved screen extrusion pulverizer) - - filtering (centrifugal screen, fine filter) - - desilting and desilting (desilter) - - precipitation refining (cyclone station) - - dewatering (vacuum washing and filter dewatering machine) - - drying (airflow drying Machine)

Corresponding Equipment

The processing principle of cassava starch is relatively simple, but only by choosing a good cassava starch processing equipment and strict control of each process, can high quality starch be produced.

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