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Reliable quality, excellent service

Nanyang Goodway Machinery&Equipment Co., Ltd. is a unit of "Reliable Product Quality and After-sales Service Quality" in Nanyang City. Goodway Cassava & Potato Industry takes "Quality, Honesty, and Create Value for Users" as its tenet, attaches great importance to product quality and provides high-quality services.

Measures to ensure product quality

The idea of the product comes from practice. The product is strictly required at the design stage, and it is tested repeatedly until it is satisfied.
Cooperate with the state-owned large factories with strong technical strength, process the main components, and cooperate the pieces into the factory for strict inspection before they are used.
Through the use of famous factory quality brand select high-quality technical workers to produce the first line and eliminate hidden dangers.
Strengthen the quality inspection of equipment, from the purchase of materials to the assembly of finished products, tracking, and inspection throughout the process.

Service purposes

Create an environment that customers can use with peace of mind after purchase;
Maintaining the value of the customer's expectations for Goodway's potato products and providing quality services that exceed expectations;
Gain customer satisfaction through service;
Improve customer trust in the Goodway brand.

Thoughtful pre-sales service

Provide an optional equipment guide according to the situation, so that customers can do more with less and do good things;
Provide plant design drawings and old plant renovation plans;
The company has a sample line for customers to visually inspect, and can use the raw materials test machine of the customer's child labor;
Assist users in the practical analysis of the feasibility of their projects, reducing the risk of user investment.

Quality after-sales service

  • Quality problems occur within three months of the arrival of the goods, free replacement of new machines or free on-site service.
  • The warranty period is one year. If there is any trouble during the warranty period, spare parts will be provided free of charge or returned to our factory for free maintenance.
  • Renovate the user's original outdated equipment and processes to reduce user investment costs.
  • Provide milling technology training for users who purchase large and medium-sized equipment.
  • Provide technical consultants and provide full-service services to organizations or individuals that are organized for processing.
  • For the starch and fans produced by users, find a market and find the market.
  • For the user to purchase related equipment.