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What market surveys and research are needed before the cassava starch processing plant is built?

What market surveys and research are needed before the cassava starch processing plant is built?

The establishment of a cassava starch factory or a sweet potato starch processing factory and other starch products factories will involve issues such as capital investment, land and personnel, construction of workshops, supporting equipment, and processing technology. Regardless of whether it is a starch or vermicelli processing plant, after the plant is established, the production process must be scientifically managed to ensure that the quality of subsequent products and economic benefits continue to improve.

cassava starch processing plant

Before the establishment of a starch processing plant, we need to conduct a series of project feasibility studies and market research. The main content includes the background, purpose, basis and market forecast of the project, favorable conditions, construction scale, benefit forecast, investment budget, etc., to help We avoid risks, understand the details of building the factory, shorten the decision-making cycle, quickly start preparations for the factory, and reduce the cost of production and operation.

1. Background and basis of cassava starch processing project

Comprehensive analysis of industry information about the processing of cassava products collected from local and other places, analysis of the role and purpose of the processing project, pay attention to the collection and analysis of the national guidelines and policies, preferential policies, supportive measures and provinces related to the cassava starch processing project. Municipal, county, township and other government departments and economic departments have relevant regulations on such projects.

2. Market Forecast

1. The planned sales area of starch products;
2. Demand status in the international market, domestic market, local market and some specific professional markets and forecast of the trend of changes in total demand within 3 years
3. Product price, quality, total scale, group, and quality of similar products that have been built or are under construction;
4. The estimated market share and competitiveness of the tapioca starch processing project products;
5. Analysis of the supply and demand situation and price change trends within 3 years.

3. Plant construction scale

In addition to referring to market analysis data, it is also necessary to determine the scale of the factory based on the investor’s investment ability and source of funds (individuals, joint ventures, rural cooperatives, government support funds, etc.), which is generally calculated based on the annual production capacity, such as the annual production of high-quality starch 150 Tons, it is also necessary to study and determine how many acres of land will be used to build the factory, how many square meters of construction area is expected, and the estimated total investment amount.

4. Specification, performance and use of starch products and vermicelli products

There are many tapioca starch products on the market, and the quality difference is relatively large. Therefore, the product positioning after the establishment of the factory is very important. It is necessary to be clear about its market positioning, product use, industrial grade or edible type, high-end high-quality starch, ordinary starch or Bulk starch, highlight the main features of the product, and reasonable pricing.

5. Analyze plant construction conditions and site plan selection

The conditions for plant construction include more, including processing technical conditions, equipment process hardware, channel resources, sales conditions, energy conditions, and traffic conditions. The site selection needs to be comprehensively considered from the perspectives of the supply and transportation of surrounding processed materials, the gathering and distribution of local people, and whether the construction of hydropower facilities is convenient.

BY: Iris Xu

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