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Introduction of Automated Sweet Potato Starch Processing Technology

Introduction of Automated Sweet Potato Starch Processing Technology

The diagram of automated sweet potato starch production process:
Introduction of Automated Sweet Potato Starch Processing Technology

Automatic sweet potato starch machine:

1. Cleaning: A variety of cleaning methods will remove the surface of the sweet potato, which can ensure the starch taste and purity in the subsequent production.

2. Crushing: Use a professional powder machine to crush and grind raw materials such as sweet potato, potato, pueraria, cassava, and banana. Through the unique process of two-stage pulverization, three-stage extrusion, four-stage scouring and five-stage filtration, the material can be thoroughly pulverized, the starch is completely separated, and the starch filtration rate is improved.

3. Screening and filtration: The pulverized starch slurry is subjected to primary filtration for the purification of starch to remove fine impurities in the starch slurry.

4. Sand removal and mud removal: German technology is mainly used for starch desilting, fruit pulp, well water, river water sand removal, etc., to fully remove fine impurity particles in starch and ensure the basic quality of starch.

5. Concentrated and refined: Separate most of the non-starch substances such as fine fiber, protein, yellow powder, oil powder and pectin in the starch slurry to improve the whiteness and quality of the starch.

6. Vacuum dehydration: vacuum washing to make the starch dehydration rate high, which effectively improves the starch purity. The dehydrated starch is easy to dry and guarantee the quality of the finished starch.

7. Starch drying: The dehydrated wet starch is quickly removed from the surface by using a high-strength drying equipment. It has the characteristics of low temperature and large air volume, fast drying speed, no contact with the outside world and no pollution.

8. Finished product packaging: The automated device packs the processed starch into bags to avoid corrosion, ensure hygiene and facilitate transportation.

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