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Two Types of Cassava Starch Processing Equipment and Production Steps Suitable for Different Investment Scales

Two Types of Cassava Starch Processing Equipment and Production Steps Suitable for Different Investment Scales

Nowadays, no matter how large the scale of starch producers, they are willing to use machine equipment to help with starch production, reducing operation pressure and bringing improvements in yield and quality.

Users' demand for cassava starch processing equipment tends towards automation and simplification, pursuing practicality and durability, hoping to bring simple and high-yield equipment with small investment and high returns.

However, the price of a set of starch processing equipment varies, and the automation level, processing methods, and steps of different specifications of starch equipment also differ. How can we choose the equipment suitable for our own processing needs?

In short, it depends on positioning.

Small yield farmer type cassava starch processing

Tends towards combining manual and machine processing methods to produce starch, which belongs to a semi-automated production process.

The common processing steps for small yield farmers are cleaning machine - crushing and filtering equipment - simple filtering equipment. The starch slurry obtained from crushing and filtering needs to be settled in a sedimentation tank and then taken out for outdoor drying for a few days, finally becoming dry starch.

This processing method lacks concentration refinement and dehydration and drying equipment, and the processing speed and efficiency are relatively low.

Large yield enterprise type cassava starch processing

The scaled-up starch factory has a large processing capacity and high output, which cannot be effectively completed by manpower, so it mainly uses fully automated cassava starch processing equipment.

The production process includes feeding and conveying - multi-level cleaning machine - crushing and filtering machine - fine filtering and impurity removal - sand and mud removal - concentration refining - vacuum dehydration - air flow drying.

Each section uses professional starch production equipment and can complete the task of processing hundreds of thousands or millions of tons of raw materials. Therefore, the overall investment amount is relatively large.

For beginners who are building a starch factory for the first time, it is recommended to invest steadily. Choose a practical starch production line with a higher level of automation but moderate output, and reserve some working capital for product sales and promotion, gradually upgrading and optimizing the configuration of starch equipment.

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