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What Are the Considerations When Purchasing Starch Processing Equipment?

What Are the Considerations When Purchasing Starch Processing Equipment?

During the potato harvest season, many farmers want to purchase cassava starch processing equipment. So how to choose the right cassava starch processing equipment? What should be taken into consideration?

First, select the cassava starch processing equipment based on the requirements for finished starch.

If the starch quality requirement is general, some refined filtration machines can be temporarily excluded when selecting cassava starch processing equipment. However, if you want to produce high-quality refined starch, it is necessary to configure a suite of cassava starch processing equipment, and refined filters and mud and sand removers are indispensable.

Second, choose the equipment with more advanced technology for cassava starch processing.

Some cassava starch processing equipment has relatively backward technology, especially in the pulverization and starch extraction stages, where the extraction rate is very poor. Such equipment not only has low efficiency but also causes significant waste. It is recommended to choose cassava starch processing equipment with more advanced technology as it is not only efficient but also has a high starch extraction rate.

Third, select equipment with stable performance for cassava starch processing.

Some equipment has unstable performance, and various problems may arise during production, seriously affecting the cassava starch processing efficiency and quality. Although the price for such cassava starch processing equipment may be relatively low when purchased, they often encounter many problems during use, resulting in a loss. It is recommended to conduct multiple assessments and choose high-quality cassava starch processing equipment with stable performance.

Generally speaking, manufacturers who have been in the starch equipment industry for many years have strong capabilities because time is the best test of their cassava starch processing equipment.

Finally, for cassava starch processing, select equipment that is easy to maintain.

Even the best equipment may experience faults to some extent. However, some equipment is challenging to repair and inconvenient to disassemble and replace parts. When selecting cassava starch processing equipment, select machines that are easy to maintain and repair. In this way, even if the equipment occasionally fails, it can be resolved promptly, without wasting too much time, thus ensuring the efficiency of starch processing and improving the quality of finished starch. This is because the interruption in production can cause the starch to turn brown, which seriously affects the quality of the starch.

That's all for today's sharing. When purchasing cassava starch processing equipment, be sure to compare and consider multiple factors to select suitable equipment that is technologically advanced, stable in performance, and easy to maintain.

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