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Three Basic Principles That Starch Processing Should Follow

Three Basic Principles That Starch Processing Should Follow

Fresh potato processing principles for cassava starch processing

After harvesting fresh cassava in the autumn and winter seasons each year, it is suggested to process as soon as possible when its starch content is highest. It is recommended not to store for more than 7 days. If the sweet potato has been stored for more than 15 days, it should not be processed.

Standardized processing principle for cassava starch processing

In the traditional starch processing technology, the emphasis on raw material cleaning, starch filtration, and drying is not enough. Natural precipitation and sun-drying are commonly used to complete these steps, but this will greatly reduce starch purity and production, which is not acceptable.

Cassava starch processing should follow a standardized mechanical processing flow to produce starch, from cleaning, crushing, filtering to purification and dewatering drying, all processing links are key to producing refined starch, and the effect is better with corresponding starch equipment.

Automatic processing principle for cassava starch processing

Replacing manual labor with machines is an inevitable trend in cassava starch processing, which greatly improves processing efficiency and starch production. Automated starch processing equipment is scientifically configured, combined to form a standardized starch production line, and each processing link is closely matched to ensure starch extraction processing.

High cleaning purity of raw materials, high degree of potato block fragmentation, multiple filtration purification methods ensure starch filtration and purification rate, machine dewatering, drying along the current, reducing starch loss rate, effectively improving starch extraction rate and filtration purification rate.

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