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Why Remove Oil Powder in Starch Processing? Which Method is More Efficient?

Why Remove Oil Powder in Starch Processing? Which Method is More Efficient?

We often see that cut apples and potatoes quickly turn black and become yellow-brown, which is caused by the phenolic substances in them.

These substances are also present in potatoes. In the broken starch slurry, phenolic substances mix with proteins, pectin, fats and others, causing the starch slurry to turn yellow and making it difficult to filter and extract, resulting in grayish dry potato starch of impure quality.

I. How is the oil powder produced in the processing of cassava starch?

In addition to containing starch, tubers also contain small amounts of proteins, fibers, fats, vitamins and phenolic substances.

When the crushed slurry is filtered, a large amount of coarse fibers are taken away by the potato residue, and some gravel and stones are filtered out, but some fine molecular particles cannot be separated and removed by the filtering equipment, such as proteins, fats, pectin, phenolic substances, pigments, dust and other impurities mixed together with the starch slurry to form oil powder.

II. Two methods to remove oil powder in the processing of cassava starch

1. Sedimentation tank technology: This is a more commonly used purification and separation method in traditional starch processing. The specific method is to store the starch slurry in a square cement pool or a large container, and let it settle for more than 12 hours.

Fatty substances, phenolic substances, dust and other low-density materials gradually float up and form obvious stratification with the starch slurry at the bottom of the tank. Then, the turbid waste water that separates from the upper layer is discharged, leaving a relatively clean starch block.

The disadvantages of this method are long processing time, poor separation effect, water waste, and indiscriminate discharge of pollutants that harm the water environment.

2. Cyclone station technology: This is a refined separation equipment specially used to separate oil powder, fruit powder, and pectin.

By using centrifugal force and the difference in density between different substances, various substances are quickly separated to achieve the purpose of removing oil powder and fruit powder.

It is efficient and time-saving, completing 12 hours of work in just one minute, making it more suitable for users of cassava starch processing.

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