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Selection Basis of Automatic Cassava Starch Processing Equipment

Selection Basis of Automatic Cassava Starch Processing Equipment

At this stage, mid-October is in the sweet potato harvest season. Many users of starch processing and vermicelli processing are closely watching how to choose processing equipment. Faced with the consultation and doubts of the users in recent days, we have compiled 7 points to help you rationally choose the automatic potato (including sweet potato) starch processing equipment that suits you.

1. Select production process according to economic strength (individual or enterprise) and market positioning

The current potato starch processing line configuration types include a fully automatic standard starch production line, a small and medium-sized simple starch production line, and a small and simple process. Investors can choose the production process they need based on actual conditions.

1 Fully automatic standard starch production line is suitable for large and medium-sized production lines. Investment is generally around 1 million yuan, and some have to be 10 million yuan or more. It is characterized by high netness, good quality and high processing efficiency. However, the processing cost is high and the production process is relatively complicated. The production line is suitable for use by companies and cooperatives with strong economic strength.

2 Small and medium-sized simple starch production line is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest. The investment is generally between 100,000 and 300,000 yuan. It is used by starch processing households that process semi-finished wet starch, and is often combined with starch products (powder, powder, etc.). The production line has low investment, low risk, low power consumption, high starch extraction rate, and simple and practical operation. Better starch quality can be achieved through strict process control. Low processing costs and high economic benefits.

3 Small and simple process is used by ordinary farmers to process potato starch. The investment is less than 10,000 yuan, and some are less than 1,000 yuan. It is often used in conjunction with hand-made, the process is too simple, and the quality of the starch is poor. It will be phased out in the market competition in the future.

2. Determine the use of starch, choose the appropriate configuration

For potato starch processing plants, determining the use of starch is critical to the selection and investment scale of the equipment. Large-scale potato starch factory products are used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and the product requirements are high precision, generally more than 1 million yuan.

For edible starch, the precision is not high, as long as it is clean and free of impurities, whiteness and high viscosity. The investment should not be too large, especially for sweet potato starch. It is mainly based on food (more than 75% is used for the processing of powdered noodles). At present, it mainly focuses on the processing of coarse starch by farmers, with low processing costs and low market prices. In addition, sweet potatoes are not resistant to storage and the processing season is concentrated. If the configuration of the selected equipment is too high, the processing cost will be too high, and the profit rate will drop or even be lost.

3. Determine the appropriate production scale

There are many potato growing areas in mountainous areas or hilly areas, and the traffic is inconvenient. If the processing scale is too large, the raw materials need to be transported from a remote place, which increases the cost of transportation costs. At the same time, the sales of potato dregs will also cause difficulties. In addition, for small and medium-sized potato starch processing users, in the case of ensuring basic starch quality requirements, you can choose a simple production line, reduce project cost and reduce investment risks. At the same time, it can also reduce production costs to get a higher profit margin.

4. Pay attention to the energy consumption of the equipment

When purchasing small and medium-sized equipment, you must pay attention to the energy consumption of the equipment. Although some equipments have lower overall prices, they have greater power. This not only increases the processing cost, but also configures the transformer to ensure production and increases the basic investment. For the average farmer, before buying equipment, pay special attention to whether the power of your processing location can meet the production needs.

5. Pay attention to whether the actual output of the equipment can match the amount of processing

The harvest time of potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) is concentrated. It is not resistant to storage, the processing season is short, and the equipment throughput is required. It is necessary to complete more processing in the shortest possible time. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you should fully consider its throughput. For small and medium-sized processing lines, the amount of raw material processed per hour is generally more than 4 tons.

6. Improve equipment utilization

Potato processing season is short (especially sweet potato, pink gems are shorter), usually less than two months. In order to improve the utilization rate of the equipment, the processing capacity of the starch in the extraction section can be made large enough. The starch dryer is chosen to be slightly smaller. The starch is temporarily wetted, and concentrated drying is performed after the end of the processing season, thereby reducing equipment investment and improving equipment utilization. Larger scales can also be combined with the principle of decentralized roughing and centralized refining to improve equipment utilization while reducing operational risks.

7. Selection principle of starch processing equipment

When choosing a small and medium potato starch processing production line, we must also pay attention to the following principles:
1. All equipment of the production line should be properly configured to meet the required design specifications;
2. It is necessary to select equipment with excellent performance, advanced technology and no elimination in the short term;
3. In the case of similar processing capacity and indicators, it is necessary to select mechanical equipment with low energy consumption;
4. In the case of similar energy consumption, choose equipment that is easy to maintain and maintain, and secondly consider equipment with low price;
5. In the case of similar conditions, choose the equipment of specialized potato processing machinery enterprises;
6. In all cases where conditions are similar, choose equipment that is manufactured by a manufacturer with good service.
7. Lastly, paying attention to field visits depends on the production scale of the factory and whether there is a production site. Otherwise, the service is difficult to guarantee, and at the same time, do not trust the peers' comments.

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