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The Process of Investing and Setting Up Factories

The Process of Investing and Setting Up Factories

China is a big potato producer, among which the annual output of sweet potato and potato exceeds 100 million tons. Potato raw materials are widely planted and the output is greatly increased. The deep processing industry of sweet potato and potato has low investment, small risk, large market demand and high profit. It is widely applied in planting, food, chemical industry, medical treatment and other industries. So, potato starch deep processing project is popular with all walks of life. In addition to sweet potato starch and potato starch, Pueraria starch, Canna taro starch, cassava starch and legume starch processing have also been popular with market unexpectedly. More and more people will pay attention to factories of starch processing and vermicelli processing industry.

I. Procedures (according to the rules of local industrial and commercial departments)

To set up a regular starch or vermicelli processing factory, a complete set of certificates are required. The procedures and certificates include: ① business license ② food production license ③ tax registration ④ hygiene license

II. Site selection

The transportation shall be convenient and close to main roads of the urban and rural. It is better to be close to the origin of processing raw materials which is convenient for the surrounding agricultural trade sales activities.

III. Complete water and electrical facilities

In the production and processing of starch and vermicelli, complete water and electrical equipment is needed. The quality of water is good which is clean and pollution-free, and the drainage is convenient. Power facilities are complete which ensure supply.

IV. Capital investment (reasonable distribution)

1. Infrastructure: land and plant building

2. Selection of starch and vermicelli processing equipment: automatic starch production line or automatic vermicelli production line. The automatic equipment such as cassava starch processing equipment, is highly automatic, safe and pollution-free. It can process many kinds of starch which is of low energy consumption. It fully ensures the production quality and food safety of starch, vermicelli and jelly sheets. Users of different levels can also select semi-automatic starch machine, small-scale powder machine and other products according to their personal funds and processing needs. Manufacturers can configure them flexibly to meet the diversified production needs of users.

3. Circulating capital: mainly used for production marketing, advertising, investment promotion, etc. After the factory is put into use, it ensures the normal operation of the factory in the later stage.

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