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Novice Starch Processing Plant, Need to Do What Preparation? It All Makes Sense after Reading this

Novice Starch Processing Plant, Need to Do What Preparation? It All Makes Sense after Reading this

Many friends who want to invest in the construction of the factory should know that it takes a long time to prepare for the site selection, plant design and construction, purchase of starch processing machine, installation of the equipment, and formal use. Not to mention all kinds of procedures in the early stage of the plant construction, recruitment, product design, packaging and sales promotion in the later stage, which are very tiring. Many people are at a loss where to start, wasting their time. For this reason, the editor specially summarized a brief introduction to the preparations for the establishment of a starch processing plant, so as to help you understand the construction needs of the starch processing plant, and start as soon as possible without any mistakes.

Generally speaking, potato is planted in spring every year, market investigation and equipment selection are conducted in summer. The harvest is mature in autumn and winter, and starch processing and vermicelli processing are ready. In order not to delay the processing peak season, now is a good time for market research.

1. Make clear the processing direction and enterprise positioning.

If it is not a large-scale enterprise with abundant funds, it must find its own positioning, high-end or low-end market. Making sure that you want to be engaged in the direction which is to do starch processing or vermicelli processing, or do both starch and vermicelli. Predicting the processing range in advance, and allocating the processing equipment according to the processing capacity. Plant construction and purchase of equipment will take up a large part of your investment. Therefore, you should design and plan in detail, reasonably construct the plant area, configurate the appropriate processing production line.

2.  All kinds of procedures

The production can be assured when the procedures are complete. The main certificates include: business license, food production license, tax registration, hygiene license, etc. To apply for these certificates, you need to fill in the information, waiting to be processed, in the industrial and commercial bureau, land and resources bureau, safety administration bureau, environmental protection bureau, etc.

3. Selection of processing equipment

The specific specifications, configuration, price of starch processing equipment are mainly decided by your budget, processing volume and the use of the production. The price of small semi-automatic processing equipment ranges from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan (depending on the equipment specifications, materials and quantity), the price of automatic production line ranges from 200000 to 500000 (as above), and the price of large-scale automatic starch is more than one million.

4. Specific implementation details of processing and production

1) Raw materials: starch processing requires sufficient supply of potato raw materials, which can be purchased in a centralized way or taken from nearby areas for cultivation; and the starch processing can be started by purchasing the finished starch directly.

2) Processing mode: there are three processing methods for you to choose: pure manual, semi-automatic mechanical processing and automatic production line.

3) Working capital: in addition to the investment in infrastructure construction and processing equipment, production cost, labor cost and promotion cost of water and electricity, financial records shall be made.

5. Product sales

When things have been made, the key issue is to sell them out. High-end starches and vermicelli need not worry about selling. In addition to providing plant planning and design, equipment manufacturing and installation, Goodway can help customers find sales channels and find customers if they encounter sales problems.

In a word, different types of processing plants should find the right product positioning, do a good job in market research, and make preparations in advance. No matter whether it is processing starch or vermicelli, all procedures should be complete and qualified. I hope this article can help you.

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