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Practical Cassava Starch Making Machine for Small to Medium-Scale Starch Processing Users

Practical Cassava Starch Making Machine for Small to Medium-Scale Starch Processing Users

In the field of potato deep processing, there are many users of different sizes and scales for cassava starch processing. It is particularly important to choose different models of starch processing equipment according to the production and processing needs and the difference in starch processing volume of each user.

Only the equipment that is suitable for oneself is truly a good product. In the process of cassava starch processing, starch extraction is a key step directly related to the user's economic benefits. With a high starch extraction rate, good economic returns can be obtained. Therefore, starch extraction equipment should be chosen rationally.

The process of cassava starch processing

The process of cassava starch processing is roughly: multi-stage cleaning-crushing and filtering-sand and mud removal--concentration and refining-dehydration-drying-cooling and packaging.

Crushing and filtering is an important link affecting the yield of starch and also has a certain influence on the quality of starch. In this processing process, energy consumption and water consumption are relatively large, so the quality of the potato grinder directly affects the efficiency of starch processing.

Guodewei has a variety of different types of starch extraction equipment, such as the star product-curve network extrusion type powder making machine, and the economical and practical-overflow washing type potato powder making machine. There are various professional potato grinders, different models and specifications, different processing methods, flexible choices, and convenient for customers to choose freely according to their own processing conditions and expected investment amount!

The overflow washing type potato powder making machine for cassava starch processing

Product performance characteristics

  • Integrating crushing and multi-stage separation, crushing and separation are carried out continuously to avoid oxidative browning during starch extraction. The produced starch is white and delicate, and the powder products made with this cassava starch processing have a bright, transparent, and white appearance, which doubles the value compared with ordinary powder products.

  • The crushing is fine and uniform, and the free starch content is high.

  • The screening adopts the overflow principle, which fully extends the washing time of the material after crushing, enables starch and fiber to be separated sufficiently, and thus improves the starch extraction rate.

  • The separation component adopts the connector principle, ensuring that the first-level washing room has sufficient water level, so that the slurry after crushing can be fully washed and overflowed into the second-level washing and filtering to remove the moisture. This overcomes the defect that only one level of filtration is difficult to filter, greatly improving the filtration rate.

  • Easy to operate, with few staff, only one person can operate.

  • Small investment, generally available for farmers to purchase, it can be used by one household as an economic project or by multiple households.

  • The equipment has a compact structure and a small footprint, and can be produced in general rural courtyards.

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