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What Are the Requirements for Cassava Starch Equipment Configuration Based on Three Processing Scale Types?

What Are the Requirements for Cassava Starch Equipment Configuration Based on Three Processing Scale Types?

Standard cassava starch processing equipment is well-equipped and there are many types of equipment, but the actual processing situation and needs of each person are different, and it is not suitable for all friends engaged in cassava starch processing.

Self-employed cassava starch processing by farmers

In general, self-employed processing by farmers is small in scale and low in output. Many processes are done manually, and machines are only basic assistants. Only a basic grinding machine is needed, and cleaning, filtering, and drying can be done manually. The investment is low, and processing can start with just a few thousand yuan.

Medium and small-scale cassava starch processing

This type of user generally wants a set of semi-automatic cassava starch processing equipment, with certain requirements for the automation level of the machine, but the budget is limited, so the choice of starch equipment is also limited. It mainly includes cleaning equipment, grinding equipment, and drying equipment, and starch separation and refining mainly rely on sedimentation tanks.

Cassava starch processing by large starch factories

Large starch factories have high demand for starch product output, high market quality requirements, large capital investment, and strict production details. Therefore, in starch production and processing, it is mostly fully automatic cassava starch production lines. Cleaning, grinding, filtering, purification, separation and refining, dehydration, drying, weighing and packaging are all machine-operated.

The configuration specifications of cassava starch processing equipment are very flexible, and regardless of the type or scale, they can be matched according to the user's processing needs, production site, and capital budget, making it convenient for customers to choose.

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